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Is There a Valentine’s Day Dress Code?

You might be thinking about what to wear for Valentine’s Day, so we thought we would help by sharing our top sustainable and ethical Valentine’s looks. Valentines Day is a time to celebrate love, originally between a couple, but Valentine’s Day has grown to include all kinds of love, such as the love between a parent and child.

You might question whether we need February 14th to show people that we love them, but sometimes we need a little nudge, and Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to make an extra special effort!

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Valentine’s Day Outfits

When it comes to Valentine’s Day there really isn’t any set rules, but women tend to go for red or even pink if they want to keep to the theme of the day. If in doubt you can always opt for classic black eveningwear.

Whether you have a date night planned or you are opting for a romantic meal at home, here are our top Valentine’s Day looks.

What to Wear For Valentine’s Day

Below are our favourite ethical and sustainable looks to wear for Valentine’s Day. All of our clothing is Fair Trade and has been made ethically in our partner Fair Trade factories. We also use sustainable or deadstock fabrics.

1. Red Sequin Valentines Dress to Wear on a Valentine’s Dinner Date

A red dress is the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.


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Red Sequin Freedom Shift Dress

Sale Price:£54.95 Original Price:£138.00

Valentines Day red dress for a Valentine’s date night

Our first outfit suggestion features our red sequin evening dress which is perfect for a Valentine’s date night. The Red Sequin Freedom Dress is a classic shift shape, and is made from deadstock fabric. (Left over fabric from production - this means we are using up fabric that’s already been made and might otherwise go to landfill)

In a luxurious deep red tone, this dress is timeless and perfect for any special occasion. It features a deep V back, a concealed centre back zip and is fully lined.

  • Deadstock fabric

  • Made in a Fair Trade factory

  • Timeless style

  • Dry clean only

2. What to Wear for a Valentine’s Day Dinner? - A Classic Black Evening Dress

If red’s not your colour and you’re heading out for a romantic meal for Valentine’s, then you won’t go wrong with a classic black evening dress. We have lots of Fair Trade black dresses to choose from, and you can see a selection in our blog 5 Little Black Dresses for a Night Out.

Here’s our top pick, the Lenzing modal long Sophie dress which has elegant Grecian styling.

sale Quick View

Lenzing Modal Long Sophie Dress

Sale Price:£69.95 Original Price:£98.00

Choose a classic black dress for a Valentine’s dinner date.

This is a classic and sophisticated long evening dress that has a flattering empire line styling. This black evening dress incorporates Grecian styling for a timeless and elegant look. It’s made from Lenzing modal, a sustainable fabric choice, as it’s made in an environmentally sound process from super-fine beechwood fibre. This eco-friendly stretch jersey fabric has a luxurious and soft feel that drapes well.

Modal is made from the wood pulp of beech trees using 100% renewable energy, is sourced from trees from certified sustainably managed forests, and the chemical and waste that result from the production process are recycled.

  • Sustainable Lenzing Modal fabric

  • Made in a Fairtrade factory

  • Grecian styling

  • Machine washable

Wear with a classic pair of black heels and matching clutch bag.

3. Valentine’s Day Red Dress

sale Quick View

Red Cotton Short Brave Shirt Dress

Sale Price:£59.95 Original Price:£79.00

How to Dress for Valentine’s Day- A red dress that can be worn from day to evening

To fully embrace the Valentine’s Day dress code then choose a red dress. This red shirt dress can be worn to work, or on a daytime date, or it can be dressed up for a Valentine’s night out with some heels and jewellery.

The Brave dress is a classic sustainable shirt dress, made from 100% cotton dobby stock fabric. This shirt dress is loose fitting and has a full tiered skirt. It has pockets, natural shell buttons and a detachable waist belt if you want to wear it as a more fitted style. It’s been made in an ethical process at one of our partner WFTO factories, ensuring that workers are paid a fair wage. We love that this style is super versatile, transitioning from day to evening, and can be worn with boots or trainers for multi-season use.

Model wears a small and is 5ft 9in tall. This dress is available in a small (UK 8-10), medium (UK 12-14) and large (UK 14-16).

  • Made in a Fair Trade factory

  • 100% cotton

  • Shirt dress detailing

  • Pockets

  • Machine washable

4. Valentine’s Date Night Dress - Black One-Shoulder Dress

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Organic Cotton Black One Shoulder Dress


What to wear on Valentine’s Day - A one-shoulder dress with large bow on the shoulder

Our fourth outfit suggestion features our organic cotton one-shouldered dress, this stylish dress is classy and sophisticated. Depending on your height this dress will sit just above the knee or just below it. Our one-shoulder organic cotton co*cktail dress is guaranteed Fair Trade. It’s a classic evening dress with a large statement self-fabric bow on the shoulder, and cuff detail on the neck edge. The dress is fastened with a concealed side zip and is fully lined.

● Made in a Fair Trade factory

● Organic cotton

● One-shoulder bow detail

● Machine washable

Team with red or pink accessories, or a pair of black heels will do the job.

5. Think Pink - A Pink Valentine’s Outfit

If you’re a fan of pink, then pink is a great alternative to red for Valentines Day Outfits. We prefer brighter tones like cerise and magenta, rather than pale pinks for a Pink Valentine’s look.

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Pink Embroidered Cotton Mini Dress


How to dress for Valentine’s Day - Choose pink or red Valentine’s Day outfits & Dresses

Our 5th outfit idea is a beautiful embroidered pink mini dress that will take you from the office to a night out. Made fairly in a WFTO Fair Trade factory in India from 100% cotton deadstock fabric. The perfect dress for a night out. It’s lined and has a centre back zip.

Model wears a size 10 and is 5ft 4in tall.

  • Made in a Fair Trade factory

  • 100% cotton

  • Machine washable

6. Black Metallic Sparkle Dress Outfit Idea for Valentine’s Date Night

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Organic Cotton Black Sparkle Wrap Dress

Sale Price:£59.95 Original Price:£90.00

Add sparkle to your Valentine’s outfit- Black and metallic sparkle dress idea for Valentine’s Day

If you’re going out for a special meal where dressing up is a must, then add some metallic sparkle to your Valentine’s outfit. This sustainable Sparkle Wrap Dress is made from organic cotton that has been hand block printed by artisans in India, using metallic gold and silver dyes. This Knee length fitted dress has flattering tucks over the waist and a mock wrap detail. The dress is lined and features a concealed side zip. The sparkle metallic print adds glamour to a classic LBD. Wear with black accessories, or opt for metallic shoes to finish the look!

Model wears a size 8 and is 5ft 6in tall.

  • Hand block printed

  • Made in a Fair Trade factory

  • Silver and gold metallic print

  • Organic cotton

  • Matching girls mini-me dress available.

  • Hand wash only

7. Black Organic Cotton Wide Leg Trouser Valentine’s Look

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Organic Cotton Black Wide Leg Trouser


Wide leg trousers worn with a simple black top for an sophisticated Valentine’s look

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to wear dresses or are looking for a slightly more casual look, then wide leg trousers and a top are a great alternative to a dress.

Our Fair Trade trousers are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and are perfect for any occasion. With a flattering wide leg and fitted waistband they can be worn with heels or trainers for a more casual look. Our trousers have pockets and an elasticated waistband at the back, which makes them super comfy. Inside leg measurement on a medium is 81cm.

Available in Small (UK size 8-10), Medium (UK size 12-14) and Large (UK size 16-18)

Model wears a Small and is 5ft 7in tall.

  • GOTS Organic Cotton

  • Fair Trade

  • Flattering wide leg

  • Comfy elastic waist

What to Wear for a Valentine’s?

Valentine's Day Outfits & Dresses | Fair Trade Ethical Dresses — Jenerous (21)

If you are looking for inspirational Valentine’s Date Night Outfits then we hope that we’ve helped. Choosing a new outfit isn’t always necessary, if you can wear or repurpose what you already have in your wardrobe, then that’s the most sustainable option.

We hope you enjoyed our blog and tips on the best Valentine’s Day looks, and remember there is no set Valentine’s dress code.

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This article discusses sustainable and ethical Valentine's Day looks and provides outfit suggestions for Valentine's Day. It emphasizes the importance of celebrating love in all its forms and suggests that Valentine's Day is an opportunity to make an extra special effort to show love to others.

Sustainable and Ethical Valentine's Day Looks

The article highlights the importance of sustainability and ethical fashion choices. It promotes clothing that is Fair Trade, made in Fair Trade factories, and uses sustainable or deadstock fabrics. By choosing these types of clothing, you can support fair wages for workers and contribute to reducing waste and environmental impact.

Outfit Suggestions for Valentine's Day

The article provides several outfit ideas for Valentine's Day, emphasizing the use of red and pink colors to keep with the theme of the day. Here are the outfit suggestions mentioned in the article:

  1. Red Sequin Valentines Dress: A red sequin evening dress, made from deadstock fabric, perfect for a Valentine's date night. It features a deep V back and a concealed center back zip.

  2. Classic Black Evening Dress: For those who prefer black, a classic black evening dress is suggested. The Lenzing modal long Sophie dress is highlighted as a sustainable choice made from environmentally sound processes.

  3. Red Cotton Short Brave Shirt Dress: A red shirt dress that can be worn from day to evening. It is made from 100% cotton dobby stock fabric, loose fitting, and has a full-tiered skirt.

  4. Black One-Shoulder Dress: An organic cotton one-shoulder dress with a large bow on the shoulder. It is a classic evening dress with cuff detail and a concealed side zip.

  5. Pink Embroidered Cotton Mini Dress: A beautiful embroidered pink mini dress, made fairly from 100% cotton deadstock fabric. It can be worn from the office to a night out.

  6. Black Metallic Sparkle Dress: This sustainable Sparkle Wrap Dress is made from organic cotton hand block printed with metallic gold and silver dyes. It has flattering tucks over the waist and a mock wrap detail.

  7. Black Organic Cotton Wide Leg Trouser: For a more casual look, wide-leg trousers made from GOTS certified organic cotton are suggested. They can be paired with a simple black top and worn with heels or trainers.

The article concludes by suggesting that choosing a new outfit is not always necessary and encourages repurposing items from your wardrobe as a sustainable option. It reminds readers that there is no set Valentine's dress code, allowing you the freedom to express your personal style and preferences.

Please note that the outfit suggestions and information provided are based on this article, and I have personal opinions or preferences on fashion.

Valentine's Day Outfits & Dresses | Fair Trade Ethical Dresses — Jenerous (2024)
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