15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (2024)

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Stats show that most of us are stuck in a style rut mid-winter. Once the Holidays are a thing of the past, and the excitement of rocking sparkly festive outfits feels like a distant memory, we’re all stuck wearing our trusted (albeit predictable) winter staples – and not much else. Until Valentine’s Day knocks at our door, that is. Festive mood officially back ON! Not sure what to wear this year? We do. Below, no less than 15 complete Valentine’s Day outfits for every occasion imaginable. Whether you’re lounging at home, going all out on hearts and pink galore or heading out for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered – in the chicest ensembles, of course.

Valentine’s Day Outfits – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine was a Roman priest during Emperor Claudius II’s rule. In an effort to make men join the military, Claudius banned all marriages, proposals and engagements. St Valentine went against the emperor’s mandate, by marrying couples in secret. The emperor eventually discovered his defiance and the priest was sentenced to death on February 14th.

What Are the Colors for Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally, the colors red, pink and white are associated with Valentine’s Day. Red represents passion, romance, lust and desire, and each shade of red has a specific connotation. Bold, vibrant red symbolizes love, which is why most Valentine’s Day gifts available on the market come in this color. In many parts of the world, red is linked to good luck in marriage, which is why brides wear the shade in their bridal attire. White equates to purity, eternal love and innocence. The combination of red and white represents unity – so it makes sense that the color pink is another symbol of the festive day. Wearing pink clothes and pink gemstones is also a symbol of new relationships, hope and femininity, as well as joy and playfulness.

What Do Colors Mean on Valentine’s Day?

Each shade of the rainbow transmits a certain message, according to color theory. On a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, each color comes with its own set of symbols.
Red – passion, love
White – purity, commitment
Pink – unity, young love
Purple – falling in love, enchantment
Blue – serenity, acceptance
Green – waiting for love
Orange – waiting for a proposal
Yellow – hope, positivity
Grey – neutrality, not interested
Brown – sadness, broken heart
Black – not interested

FUN FACT: Americans spent over $7 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2020. Out of these, a whopping $5.8 billion was spent on jewelry alone. Click to tweet
15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (2)


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15 Unique Valentine’s Day Outfits

From bold red to all-white looks and from pearlcore inspired outfits to mixing prints, there’s no strict set of rules when it comes to the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. Below, all the outfit inspo you’ll need for dinner date outfits, staying in (while looking chic), date night outfit ideas, celebrating with the girls and more!

Red, Black and Pattern Mix

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (3)

It’s settled: for Valentine’s Day, you go all out. Ditching the reds seems like a compromise you aren’t willing to make. After all, what’s a date night outfit on the most romantic day of all without bright, bold, head-turning reds. Mix in some pinks, a fun combo of patterns (hello, florals & houndstooth), dangling drop earrings and classic blacks. For an extra note of edgy appeal, grab a mini leather skirt for that perfect fusion between sweet and daring.


Floral Sweater / Jade Bootie / Tahitian South Sea Pearl Adrian Earrings / Piper Faux Leather Miniskirt / Houndstooth Bouclé Blazer / Leather Crossbody Bag

Unapologetically Pink

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (4)

Pink means young love, that’s settled. Enthusiastic, hopeful, young love. If that’s where you’re at, then this outfit has your name on it. Falling in love never felt this chic, when you’re sporting an unapologetically cotton candy pink outfit that’s designed to turn heads. Whether you’re headed to dinner out, dolling up just to stay in or going dancing, a pink frock with a statement shoulder (a la 80s style) is all it takes to look the part. That, and kitten heels, paired with romantic white pearls and a darling Valentine’s Day necklace.

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Backless Bow Pink Dress / Heart Akoya Pearl Pendant / Akoya Pearl Studs / Metallic Clutch / Rosie Glass Slingback Pump

Heart of Gold

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (5)

Outfit inspo with ‘IT’ girl vibes all over. When pumps seem too pretentious and your ideal date night outfit certainly doesn’t revolve around a frock, go for elevated urban appeal. Wide leg pants pair well with chunky on-tone sneakers. The pièce de résistance: a sequined crop sweater featuring groovy hearts. Finish off the look with oversized pearl hoop earrings and a metallic handbag for an extra dose of glossy shine.


Pleated Wide Leg Pants / Hearts Sequined Sweater / Women’s Oversized Sneakers / Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings / Metallic Mini Shoulder Bag

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (6)


They’re flirty, they’re fun and they’re definitely eye-catching. They move as you move and add instant luminous luster to your look, shining from every angle. Our top favorite types of earrings for a fun Valentine’s Day celebration: Pearl Hoop Earrings featuring real, cultured pearls, aka the perfect merger between elegant appeal and modern chicness.

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Lilac Goes Pink

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (7)

Purple and its cousin lilac are codes for ‘enchantment’, in Valentine’s Day terms. So it’s no surprise that these shades are making their way on our Valentine’s Day outfits list. After all, there’s no better shade to complement a bold pink. Go all in on the pink & lilac combo by pairing different textures, adding in a statement coat for extra warmth and opting for lush fabrics like silky velvet. The perfect occasion to rock this look: a daytime Valentine’s Day date – or out for brunch with the BFFs. Or alternatively, whenever you’re feeling mildly festive, yet not committed enough to the expected bold reds and heart patterns of the holiday at hand.


Wool and Cashmere Jacket / Velvet Wide Leg Pants / Purple Puffer Clutch / Ribbed Knit Sweater / Selini Bootie / Pink Freshwater Baroque Pearl Pendant / Pink Freshwater Pearl Studs

FUN FACT: 145 million greeting cards are exchanged every year in the US for Valentine’s Day. Over 1 billion cards are sent worldwide. Click to tweet

Foolproof Valentine’s Day Outfits: Classically Red

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (8)

Traditional, classy, iridescent, sophisticated. This outfit is ticking all the boxes. Nothing quite like a classy red-hot dress paired with elegant black accessories when aiming to look picture-perfect for Valentine’s Day. The classics are never OUT, after all. Keep it sharp with fine jewelry like baroque pearls in teardrop and baroque shapes for an added note of sophisticated luster.


VB Body Ribbed Midi Dress / Tahitian South Sea Drop Pearl Necklace / Matilda Velvet Clutch / Tahitian South Sea Drop Pearl Earrings / Cher Crystal Embellished Pump

Budget Boho-Chic Date Night Look

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (9)

Date night outfits that are fun, flirty, festive AND budget-friendly? We say YES – it’s totally doable. For starters, pick up a red dress that’s flowy, flouncy, yet without the fuss. This one’s got bohemian vibes written all over it, yet comes in a bold red, jus right for a date night outfit. Pair the red dress with a hot pink high heel and add accessories in a tertiary shade to keep it playful. A pair of drop earring pairs perfectly with the boho-chic ensemble and an embroidered clutch takes it all to the next level.


Plus Mesh Dress / / Stiletto Pumps / Velvet Beaded Clutch

The Ultimate Satin Nightgown

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (10)

A romantic date night at home certainly shouldn’t involve your old pajamas. Instead, go all out on looking fab in a satiny red nightgown that’s effortless yet seductive. Indulge in a sumptuous night including a slip silk eye mask, lustrous pink pearls, elevated mules worn as slippers, the ultimate red lipstick and the mandatory body shimmering oil.


Satin & Lace Long Gown / Puff Pompom Mules / Matte Revolution Lipstick / 14K Gold Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant / Slip Silk Eye Mask / Pink Freshwater Pearl Teardrop Earrings / Acqua di Parma Shimmering Oil

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On Valentine’s Day, say yes to PINK. Opt for a cohesive look featuring utterly romantic Pink Freshwater Pearls or offer your love the ultimate pink gifts: lustrous gems in rosy shades!

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (11)

Shop the Pink Pearl Necklace / Buy the Pink Pearl Bracelet / Shop the Pink Pearl Earrings

Timeless Valentines’ Day Outfits: All-Black Luxury

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (12)

An elegant look is always a safe bet. After all, you’re secure and committed in your relationship and don’t need fussy pink hearts to make a statement. If you’re closer to celebrating your 30th anniversary than your first year together, yet still aim to keep the sparkle alive, settle for a classic combo of black with a pop – or two – of red. A sleek black jumpsuits pairs exceptionally well with black pearls and a red mule – with red lips as the finishing touch.


Crepe Jumpsuit / / Tahitian South Sea Pearl Ring / Diamante Glitter Mules / Rouge Dior Lipstick / Leather Shoulder Bag

FUN FACT: The first Valentine’s Day card was sent in 1797, with this message: “Since on this ever Happy day, All Nature’s full of Love and Play Yet harmless still if my design, ‘Tis but to be your Valentine.” Click to tweet

Chic Date Night Outfit: Fuchsia Florals

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (13)

A less predictable way to embrace the Valentine’s Day festivities is by taking an alternative color route. Meet fuchsia, aka pink’s hot cousin. Switch the hearts for florals and geometric patterns for a playful mix of prints that conveys eclectic charm. A satiny skirt in a bold shade is a no-fuss, easy option for a look that’s utterly polished yet effortless. Pair it all up with silver details for a look that truly shines.


Mock Neck Blouse / Kate Spade Crossbody Bag / Satin A-Line Skirt / Tahitian South Sea Pearl Earrings / Metallic Leather Tube Boots

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (14)


On Valentine’s Day, fall in love with PINK. Whether you’re shopping for 30th anniversary gifts or splurging on yourself, there’s nothing quite as darling and as sweet as rosy shades for the most romantic holiday of all. The perfect pink anniversary jewelry gifts or Valentine’s Day presents: Freshwater pearls in soft pastel hues ranging from blush to peach. Shop for your dream pearlcore Valentine’s Day necklace!

Shop Pink Pearls

The Butterfly Effect

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (15)

Not feeling the butterflies just yet? There’s still hope. Meanwhile, make a statement with a darling butterfly sweater for a playful note to a non-classic Valentine’s Day outfit. Add red denims with a vintage feel, jacket earrings and layer up multiple types of bracelets and a chic bandana to juxtapose those chunky lace-up boots. Whimsical – check! Playful – yup! Romantic, yet unexpectedly so. Also perfect for: Valentine’s day out with the girls!


Butterfly Embroidered Sweater / Pearl Beaded Bangle Bracelet / / Freshwater Pearl Jacket Livia Earrings / Vintage Wide-Leg Jean / Organic Cotton Bandana / Lace-Up Boot in Leather

Gold & White Pearlcore Galore

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (16)

There’s other ways to look utterly seductive besides draping yourself in fiery red and expected pink. Meet the fool-proof combo: white and gold. What makes this look special: the trend of the moment, aka PEARLCORE, with a hint of academia style. Pair up an oversize white button down with a sheeny midi-to-long skirt. Step 2: add a strappy heel in a high-shine metallic. Next, adorn yourself with the gems of the sea and remember – when it comes to pearlcore, there’s only one rule: more is more.


Oversize White Shirt / Pearl Bag / Pleated Skirt / Akoya Pearl Chain Link Necklace / Tincup Pearl Necklace / Half Pearl Necklace / Golden Strap Sandals

Can’t decide between going glam or going edgy this Valentine’s Day? Opt for both with a half-half statement necklace. Pearlcore vibes status – achieved!

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (17)

Shop the Amelia Necklace/Buy the White Akoya Bracelet/Shop the Luna Earrings

Valentine’s Day Outfits: Cozy Night at Home

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (18)

What elaborate date nights, spent in carefully-curated Valentine’s Day outfits? That’s certainly not you. You and your love would much rather spend the festive day cozying up on the couch, watching your favorite shows and indulging in your favorite treats. Yet this plan, while utterly tempting, doesn’t equate with you having to ditch the idea of looking festive. Your Valentine’s Day outfit recipe: switch the date night dress for cozy loungewear – in pastel pink! Add fluffy slippers, heart-adorned socks and a comfy blanket to snuggle under. Nailed it!

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Lounge Set in Pink / / Heart Socks / Cozy Plush Fleece Heart Blanket / Faux Fur Slippers

FUN FACT: Men spend on average $300 on Valentine’s Day gifts, while women usually spend under $150. Click to tweet

It’s All Peachy!

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (19)

Red is not your shade? And pink feels simply too saccharine for you? No worries, there’s hope. This Valentine’s Day, give the pinks a rest and embrace their softer cousin, aka peach. We’re all for an easy, grab & go ribbed dress that embraces you in all the right places – plus a thick heel in a related metallic (think gold or rose), peach pearls and your favorite scent. Add a quick homage to the celebration at hand with a flirty pair of heart-shaped shades and a cute mini bag – in matching peach tones, of course. Mix in blush hues if you’re up for variation – otherwise, it’s all peachy!


Ribbed-Knit Midi Dress / Heart Sunglasses / Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Bracelet / Mini Verona Leather Crossbody Bag / Peach Freshwater Round Pearl Stud Earrings / Flowerbomb Fragrance Spray / Noles City Slide Sandal

Valentine’s Day Basics

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (20)

Spending the festive day with the girls? For a look that prioritizes comfort and coziness, yet still indulges in red as the mandatory hue, stay warm and stick to elevated basics. A red pump goes a long way when paired with an equally red-hot puffer jacket. A basic tee pairs well with a leather pearl necklace and wide leg, high-waist denims. Whether you’re going out for brunch or hitting the stores, you’ll look Valentine’s Day-approved, yet without the frilly fuss.


Red Puffer Jacket / Wide Leg Jeans / White Tee / Red Pumps / Leather Baroque Pearl Necklace

Subtle Valentine’s Day Outfit: Dainty Hearts

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (21)

When it comes to your Valentine’s Day aesthetic, subtlety is your jam. Dainty hearts melt hearts, even when you’re not rocking poppy-colored hues. Stick to neutrals for a look that’s unassuming, yet sophisticated. Chelsea ankle boots pair well with black denims and white pearls, while the pièce de résistance is an adorbs sweater adorned with tiny (albeit black) hearts.


Heart Embroidered Sweater / Black Jeans / Teardrop Pearl Earrings / Pearl Chain Bracelet / Chelsea Boots

Final Thoughts

And it’s a wrap! Now that we’ve had our fair share of heart-adorned knits, bright pinks and passionate reds, pearlcore and edgy details, it’s time to pick out your favorite looks. Which Valentine’s Day outfits are on your radar this year? From casual to formal & downright fancy, we’ve got them all, complete with festive hues, flirty details and chic appeal from every angle. Let us know your favorite date night outfits in the comments below!

FUN FACT: A recent study found out that 43% of millennials chose Valentine’s Day as their ideal day to either propose or to accept a marriage proposal. Click to tweet
15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (22)


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Valentine's Day Outfits

Valentine's Day is a special occasion that calls for carefully curated outfits, ranging from bold red ensembles to unapologetically pink looks. Understanding the symbolism of colors, such as red, pink, and white, and their association with love, purity, and romance is crucial in creating the perfect Valentine's Day outfit.

Color Symbolism on Valentine’s Day

Understanding the meaning of colors on Valentine's Day, such as red symbolizing passion and love, white representing purity and commitment, and pink signifying unity and young love, is essential for choosing the right attire. Additionally, other colors like purple, blue, and green also convey specific messages and emotions related to love and romance.

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In summary, the article delves into the significance of Valentine's Day outfits, color symbolism, jewelry selection, and seasonal fashion trends, offering a comprehensive guide for creating stylish and memorable looks for the special day. It also indirectly provides travel inspiration by highlighting the diverse settings and occasions for which the outfits are tailored.

15 Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Romantic & Chic Celebration (2024)
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