Glazed Grilled Carrots Recipe (2024)



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Wow, wonderful! The sauce was top notch, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed tasting rosemary and ginger together. Nobody thought the sauce was overly sweet and we used extra sauce to put on some plain baked salmon, which was also amazing! I didn't grill, but baked the carrots at 375 degrees for 35 minutes in the oven. I might increase to 400 degrees for a shorter time in the future to get a bit more char on the carrots. I also used multi-colored carrots (yellow, purple, orange), pretty!

Ellie H

Fantastic flavors! One of the best carrot sides I've had. I don't have a grill so I roasted them in the oven at 400 (quartered/halved and cut into shorter lengths then tossed with olive oil) with a little broiling at the end, and they came out great!

Kim H.

Absolutely divine. I followed recipe as stated and they exceeded my expectations. They were very simple to prepare, but the flavor was so much more complex. I have never grilled carrots before, and now I'm not sure why. Just delicious. I wish I had made more, especially since I had extra dressing.

Hooray for summer grilling!

PS - I used a gas grill.


I made these!! Delicious and easy! I had extra dressing so used that the next day on oven roasted beets.

no need to grill if you dont have one

I don’t own a grill but I followed the recipe and instead of grilling I added them to a super hot cast iron until they started to brown. They turned out absolutely delicious! Will definitely be making this recipe again!


Follow this recipe but instead of step 3 heat a cast iron skillet on medium, add carrots and sauce, keep stirring and flipping as sauce reduces/thickens and creates a nice coat on your carrots. Grab 1/3cup of mayonnaise and add sriracha (to your preference). Heat Sriracha mayo slightly so it gets runny and drizzle on top of your finished carrots. Top with green onions and saffron. BOOM next level grilled carrots


We loved these. The glaze was great, even though I used molasses instead of brown sugar, half of the oil, and double the rosemary.. The carrots took about 40 min to get fork tender, although it was a little cool outside when I made them.


I only added 2 tsp of oil after the first time I made this. The marinade felt too heavy with 2 Tbsp of oil and didn't impart the other flavors.


Delicious, even when I eliminated the sugar completely. Even my 2 year old nephew ate them up!


This recipe is absolutely divine; seriously some of the best carrots I have ever had! The first time I made this, I followed the recipe exactly.The second time, I roasted the carrots at 400 in the oven for 30 minutes instead of grilling and used honey instead of brown sugar. It still came out delicious. Served it with miso salmon and rice. Perfect weeknight dinner.


Terrific recipe but too sweet for me; I reduced the sugar to 1/2 tsp and it was just fine.


Not that flavorful off the grill but really delicious the next day if you put the carrots back in the marinade after grilling and refrigerate overnight


Absolutely fabulous. These carrots rock my world. Giuseppe Guisti Aceto Balsamico Di Modena IGP was used the first time we made them. This stuff by itself is manna. It was a gift which may not be obtainable in the future. So, we used a readily available supermarket vinegar the second time. The Guisti carrots had more flavor complexity but the carrots prepared with the supermarket vinegar held their own. Either way, they are a stellar addition to my recipe box.


wo wdelish! made with baby multi colored carrots from trader joe's. the sauce is a bit thin but really nice and would be a great marinade for chicken or pork.


all enjoyed but not enough carrots and leftover dressing

Swanna tili

They were great. Important to par boil them first


Used this recipe for a birthday for a vegetarian friend with soy allergy substituting coconut aminos foe soy sauce. Yummy!


The best carrot recipe I have ever made in my LIFE. I could drink this sauce, it's so gooooood@


Cooked the carrots in the roasting pan in the toaster over on Roast at 425 for 25 minutes. Maybe try to reduce the sauce for a little bit to make it thicker.


I’ve made this 5-6 times and have no notes! It’s great as a side dish but lately I’ve turned it into a grain bowl/main dish by serving over farro and adding toasted walnuts, cannellini beans, and feta. I make extra dressing because the farro soaks it up.


7/22. grilled carrots. sauce was tasty. didnt have ginger - would def kick it up a bit.


Best carrots I’ve ever had! Will outshine any main dish alongside it!


I completely forgot to add oil to the sauce but it still turned out great! I didn't quite have 10 carrots from the garden so I put the sauce on some beets I also harvested and they tasted wonderful too.


Everyone else seems to love the glaze but it didn’t do it for my family - much too strong of a balsamic flavor


I was given some amazingly tasteless delicata squash and this recipe was great for giving them flavor (roasted squash + carrots in the oven) - I'm sure it would be even better with good squash! I can see using the glaze on parsnips, sweet potatoes, any winter squash, beets, celeriac, and rutabaga too.


I really enjoyed this recipe. I did not have ginger handy and I bet it would have been very good. The weird thing is that the finished dish smelled and tasted like hot dogs. Did anyone else have that experience? I don’t think we’ve ever grilled hot dogs on this grill.


Just truly delicious. I had radicchio on hand, so grilled and then chopped that and added it to the carrots, with a few leftover roasted beets. Made an amazing salad. Served with grilled pork tenderloin.

MD reader

Very nice, tho they took decidely less than 20-25 mins to cook. Closer to 12 minutes (on a charcoal grill, which was fairly hot). I used a full clove of garlic, and thinly sliced the ginger too, rather than grating it.My husband loved it as is, but I think I'd lower the balsalmic vinegar by 1/2 tbsp (but then, I'm not a huge fan of vinegar).

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Glazed Grilled Carrots Recipe (2024)
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