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Chapter 6149

In the antique business, anything that is not visible to the public is usually traded at night when it is closed.

This is especially true for those who sell antiques in stores.

Generally speaking, most of the things that are sold at night are freshly dug out of the ground,

Or stolen or robbed from others.

Of course, there are also those who specialize in using fake goods to deceive people.

Although Peter had been running a business overseas,

He had already understood many of the unspoken rules in this circle during the last time he came to this city.

Seeing that the other person’s face was full of vigilance and that something seemed to be wrapped in his arms,

He knew that the things this person was holding would most likely not be seen in the light.

In fact, the antiquities industry has similar methods all over the world,

Such as tomb robbery, fraud, and grafting.

A familiar in this game, so Peter has definitely seen it before.

However, he did not show his vigilance, but said with a smile:

“I will take it, of course, come on, let’s talk inside!”

With that, he quickly invited the man into his store.

At the same time, in the parking lot outside Antique Street,

Jacob and Ervin had already watched the simultaneous live broadcast.

However, the picture at this time was completely dark,

And the sound was very fragmentary and messy,

So it was impossible to tell the reason.

Ervin explained to Jacob who was beside him:

“President Willson, I think my brother has put his mobile phone in his pocket,”

“So it’s not so clear. But don’t worry,”

“When he takes out his mobile phone, it will be normal here.”

Jacob nodded repeatedly and said with a smile:

“Nowadays, science and technology are really advanced.”

“This kind of thing is the high-end equipment used by spies in the past.”

“I thought it was all fabricated, but I didn’t expect it to work like that in real.”

Ervin smiled and said,

“Oh, this is nothing. I see that President Willson doesn’t go online often.”

“You don’t get used to this kind of thing a few years ago.”

At the same time, the man had been invited into the store by Peter.

After he came in, he found that there was nothing in the store.

It was empty, so he asked with some doubts:

“Boss, are you open for business? Why is there nothing in the store?”

Peter smiled and said: “This is my store. I just begin working, but it’s not actually opened.”

“I put up the sign first. After a while,”

“I will collect more and more things, and naturally there will be a dazzling array of things. “

After that, he added: “But this does not affect my acceptance.”

“As long as you have good things, I will definitely accept them, and the price will be very fair.”

At this point, Peter looked at him and said with a smile.

There is no one else here, can you take out the things for me to see?”

The man nodded, sat down in front of Peter, then took out the bronze Buddha and the base from his pocket,

And handed them over with the red silk cloth. In the hands of Peter.

After handing out the bronze Buddha, he also took out his cell phone and placed it on the table.

Jacob and Ervin in the parking lot immediately saw the live broadcast from Ervin’s mobile phone.

The SIM card slot of the mobile phone is facing Peter,

And the lens has a bit of a wide-angle effect, so Peter appears in the picture.

As soon as Jacob saw Peter’s face, he gritted his teeth angrily and cursed:

“Dmn it, it’s this ba5tard! I’m going to get angry when I see his face!”

Ervin quickly comforted him: “President Willson, don’t be angry again.”

“It’s not worth it to be so angry.”

“Besides, aren’t we just here to take revenge on him?”

“Just look at it, we will definitely ruin his fortune and reputation!”

Jacob nodded, clenched his fists a little excitedly and nervously, gritted his teeth, and said,

“Success or failure depends on the next few minutes!”

The Old Treasures.

Peter opened the red silk bronze Buddha in front of the man and in front of the camera.

After opening it, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes,

But it quickly disappeared without a trace.

While playing with the bronze Buddha, he asked:

“Do you know where this thing comes from?”

The man said: “You know, isn’t this a bronze Buddha made in the Xuande year of the Ming Dynasty?”

“There are patterns on the base.”

Peter looked at him and asked curiously:

“Are you sure it was made in the Xuande year of the Ming Dynasty?”

The man thought that Peter had found a clue, and said quickly:

“Our old man looked at it before, and the expert said it was. The thing with the big door looks real at first glance!”

“To tell you the truth, I want to sell it because our old man just passed away today,”

“And I have to get this thing out before my elder brother takes stock of his inheritance.”

The whole compiled story was explained to Peter in more detail.

Peter nodded and said casually: “I don’t think this thing has the characteristics of the Ming Dynasty.”

“The bronze Buddhas of the Ming Dynasty, especially that of the Xuanden year, seem to be a bit different from this in terms of their manufacturing process and shape characteristics.”

When the man heard this, he became a little nervous and said in an uncertain tone:

“How…how could it be possible…Experts have seen it before,”

“It’s something from the Ming Dynasty. If this thing is put up for auction,”

“If you know how, it will be worth at least two million.”

After saying that, he quickly added:

“Look carefully at the base, it is made in the Xuande year of the Ming Dynasty.”

Peter smiled and said: “The base has a big sign, but this is a bronze Buddha. …”

At this point, Peter suddenly stopped.

Jacob and Ervin were watching the live broadcast in the car, with their hearts in their throats.

Jacob asked anxiously: “Ervin… Has this ba5tard noticed it?!”

Ervin was also a little unsure and whispered:

“This… shouldn’t be right… What the master has created, let alone ordinary people, even experts from our local Museum, without the assistance of professional equipment and long-term careful observation, will not see any clues with the naked eye.”


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6149 – MTL Novels (2024)
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