ALL Chapters & Episodes of The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf - Page 558 (2024)

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Chapter 5571

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Charlie did not care about this.He knew that checking Vera’s pulse was basically meaningless. Her headache was not because she was ill but because she had been injured by his Reiki. The best way for him to treat her would be for him to use some Reiki to repair the damage to her brain. However, after Charlie thought about it, Vera’s origin was unknown. The fact that she had the deceitful ring proved that even if she hadn’t mastered Reiki, she must understand what Reiki was. In other words, she had grown up in such an environment, so she should know what Reiki was and should be able to tell at a glance if Reiki was used.Moreover, Charlie speculated that Vera most likely did not remember him, so he would be actively exposing himself if he were to transfer Reiki directly into her body.Therefore, Charlie’s idea was to pretend to check her pulse and then give her half a Healing Pill which was not worth anything to him anyway. Furthermore, Charlie was not worried that the Healin

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Chapter 5572

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Vera was quite curious when Charlie said that her migraine could be cured with a pill.She knew that Charlie was the cause of her migraine, so she wanted to know what Charlie could do to cure her symptoms without injecting Reiki into her.Charlie then took out a Healing Pill from his pocket. This Healing Pill was the enhanced version that he had refined using the medicine cauldron from the Taoist Sect.Charlie looked at the pill and introduced it to the two of them, “This is a pill that I got by chance a long time ago. I dare not say that it can bring the dead back to life, but it can cure all diseases.”Having said that, Charlie was a little distressed as he said, “It’s just that I don’t have that many of these pills left, so I have to use them sparingly and take only half a pill at a time. Oh, in fact, a quarter of this pill will be enough for Veron’s condition.”After saying that, Charlie looked at Claudia and asked her, “Do you have a fruit knife?”“Yes!” Claudia quickly took

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Chapter 5573

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

However, Charlie knew very well that Vera was a girl who had seen and experienced this world. She definitely knew something about Reiki if she could possess the deceitful ring and be hunted down by the British Lord.What he needed to worry about the most was for Vera not to guess that he was the benefactor who had saved her in Northern Europe whom she had completely forgotten about just because of this pill.Therefore, Charlie said casually, “I got this pill through sheer luck from Antique Street. The pills are getting lesser each time I take one.”Vera guessed his intention as well and could not help but sigh as she said, “It would be great if you could buy some more of such a divine pill and keep it on hand in case of emergencies.”Charlie nodded. If he carried the Healing Pill with him, it was indeed true that he could save lives at critical moments. Jasmine had almost been killed in Japan, but she had survived because of the Healing Pill he had given her. As soon as he though

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Chapter 5574

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

When Charlie saw that it was getting late, he stood up and said to the two of them, “Okay then, since Veron is already feeling better, I should leave first.”Claudia felt a little reluctant and could not help but ask, “Charlie, you’re already leaving after you’ve just arrived? Don’t you want to sit down for a bit while I get you a glass of water?”Charlie smiled faintly and said, “No need. It’s not appropriate for a grown man like me to stay too long in the girls’ dormitory. If I stay here a little longer, I speculate that the dormitory manager will come up and chase me away.”As he spoke, Charlie thought of something and warned, “Oh, by the way, the two of you will be starting orientation tomorrow. Orientation is very tough, so try not to leave the university if the two of you have nothing to do during this period of time.”Claudia could not understand the deep meaning behind Charlie’s words, so she subconsciously nodded and said, “Charlie, I’ve already informed Mrs. Lewis and Ste

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Chapter 5575

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Vera smiled and said, “You might as well have the word ‘admire’ written on your face yet you still have the nerve to say that I’m talking nonsense…”Claudia looked around nervously. When she saw that there was no one else around, she lowered her voice and said to Vera, “Veron, please don’t say such nonsense in the future. What can I do even if I admire Charlie? Charlie is already married, so I can only lament that I was born at the wrong time…”Vera nodded and said, “That is what it means to regret being born too late.”Vera sighed quietly with a complex expression as she spoke of this. She then adjusted her emotions and said with a smile, “But it doesn’t matter if he is married. You can become his mistress.”Claudia said shyly, “Why… Why is your nonsense getting more and more ridiculous?! Are you deliberately teasing me?”Vera said seriously, “I’m not teasing you. I am being sincere. I’m being really sincere! Since you like him, as long as he likes you too, what’s the difference

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Chapter 5576

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

When Vera saw the result of the hexagram pointing at Charlie, she suddenly felt extremely nervous again.She was well aware of Charlie’s strength and knew that most people could not pose any threat to his safety. Therefore, the person who could put him in a dangerous situation must have superior strength. She could not help but secretly wonder, ‘Could it be that the other great earls from Qing Eliminating Society are coming to Aurous Hill? That must be it! Otherwise, Charlie wouldn’t have reminded me to pay attention to my safety!’As Vera thought of this, she subconsciously took out her cell phone and wanted to call Charlie. However, she did not know what to say after picking up her cell phone.After all, she had been playing dumb in front of Charlie, and she had finally managed to get him to let his guard down in front of her. If she took the initiative to warn him at this time, he would definitely be suspicious of her again. After considering it carefully, Vera still felt tha

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Chapter 5577

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

This was a logical and reasonable explanation. Sometimes, one would need a hundred lies in order to explain a single lie. This was because it was difficult for liars to consistently remain logical, so their lies would always get discovered. However, Vera was an extremely smart girl, and she had already gone through her lies to ensure that it was consistent, logical, and closed-loop. Therefore, Charlie did not notice any abnormalities after listening to her. He felt that Vera should only be wanting to draw up a divination for him out of her good intentions. As he thought about this, he did not hide it anymore and told Vera his date of birth.When Vera heard Charlie’s date of birth, she could not help but feel relieved because his date of birth was the same as his birthday that she knew from the information she had of him.It seemed that Charlie really trusted her. Therefore, she said, “Charlie, I will help you to draw up a divination now, and I will let you know the result as so

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Chapter 5578

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

In Charlie’s opinion, although the Qing Eliminating Society was probably targeting his grandparents’ family, since Vera said that he would be facing danger, it meant that he would have to go through a fierce battle. Charlie was not afraid. He knew that every day he lived was earned ever since the day he had survived at the age of eight.What he was most afraid of was in the event that his grandparents’ family and his wife, Claire, encountered danger at the same time. He would not be able to protect all of them on his own at the same time.As he thought of this, the first idea that came to his mind was to quickly find a way to let Claire leave Aurous Hill first.If Claire was not in Aurous Hill, Charlie would really be left without any worries, and he would be able to concentrate on protecting his grandparents’ family in Aurous Hill.However, Charlie could not come up with the best method to make Claire leave Aurous Hill without any doubts.The first idea that he had was to give

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Chapter 5579

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Kathleen quickly asked him, “Have… Have you been reunited with Lord Acker and Lady Acker?”Charlie sighed and said helplessly, “Not yet, but I’m afraid that I will not be able to hide my identity from them anymore if they are really in danger this time.”Kathleen asked nervously, “Mr. Wade, do you need any help? If necessary, I will gather all my subordinates to head to Aurous Hill as soon as possible!”Charlie said calmly, “No need. The current situation in Aurous Hill is extremely complicated, and it will be even more chaotic if there are even more people around. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be thinking of a way to let Claire leave Aurous Hill first.”With that said, Charlie asked Kathleen, “Miss Fox, can you help me think of a way to let Claire head to the United States and stay there for a period of time? The sooner, the better.”Kathleen agreed without hesitation and said, “No problem! Please rest assured, Mr. Wade, I will call Claire right away!”Charlie said, “Thank you, Miss Fox

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Chapter 5580

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Although Claire had a soft personality, she had always been committed to being a strong career woman. Charlie’s words moved her as well.How could a woman take her husband with her as a companion all the time when she went out to work? That would not only make her look incompetent, but it would make her husband look useless as well.In addition, Charlie’s last sentence was also on point. Claire and Kathleen were good friends. Claire could not bring her husband with her at all times when interacting with Kathleen either, otherwise, Kathleen would definitely find it strange. As Claire thought of this, she could only nod and say to Charlie apologetically, “Honey, if that’s the case, I’ll have to go by myself. You have to take care of yourself when I am not in Aurous Hill. Please help me take care of my parents as well.”“You can rest assured.” Charlie then asked with a smile, “By the way, Honey, you haven’t given a clear reply to Miss Fox yet, right?”Claire nodded and said, “I to

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ALL Chapters & Episodes of The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf - Page 558 (2024)


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What happens in Charismatic Charlie Wade? ›

The Charismatic Charlie Wade is a book that follows the life of Charlie Wade as he grows up as a man and overcomes all the obstacles that life throws at him from having no support, money, resources, or solid resources relationship with people around him.

What are the characteristics of Charlie Wade? ›

Despite his hardships, Charlie remains determined to rise above his circ*mstances and make something of his life. He manages to find allies in the most unlikely places, including the family he serves, and uses his charisma and intelligence to navigate the complex web of power dynamics that he finds himself in.

How many chapters are in Charlie and the? ›

The novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has 30 chapters. The book was well-received, so Dahl wrote a sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, which was published in 1972.

How old is Charlie in the book? ›

Throughout the 1991–92 school year, Charlie, the fifteen-year-old (later sixteen-year-old) protagonist, begins writing letters about his own life to an unknown recipient addressed, "Dear Friend." In these letters, he discusses his freshman year of high school and his struggles with two traumatic experiences: the ...

How many kids does Charlie Wade have? ›

Wade is married to former University of Washington volleyball player Tani Martin, with whom he has three sons, Makana, Kainoa & Kekoa.

Is Charlie Wade fact or fiction? ›

The Charismatic Charlie Wade is an urban/realistic male-centered fiction that revolves around the male lead Charlie Wade. Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone hated and despised, but nobody knew his real identity which is being the heir of a prominent family.

What is the name of the book with Charlie Wade in it? › The Charismatic Charlie Wade.

Who is Charlie Wade's father? ›

After seeing Charlie's birth certificate (which named Bobby as Charlie's legal father), Jenna confessed that Renaldo Marchetta was actually Charlie's biological father and that she had listed Bobby as the legal father in order to protect her legal interests in future disputes with Marchetta over Charlie.

What are Charlie peaceful character traits? ›

He is presented as a fiercely loyal and brave figure throughout the novel. He consistently sticks up for Tommo and those he cares about, and always does what's right. He defends Tommo from bullies at school, and later in the war he again defends Tommo against the terrible Sergeant Hanley.

What kind of person was Charlie? ›

Charlie's physical proportions align with his personality: not only is he quite small and undernourished, but also he is meek. He speaks only when he is spoken to. He never asks for more than he is given.

In what chapter does Charlie Wade reveal himself? ›

In the book "The Amazing Son-in-law" by Lord Leaf, the character known as Charlie Wade reveals himself as Marvin in chapter 191.

Is charismatic Charlie Wade the son-in-law? ›

Charlie Wade, the main character of the Amazing Son in law The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel is the eldest son-in-law of Lady Wilson, the head of the Wilson family. The living son-in-law was known for his bold and atrocious behavior.

How many pages are in Harlem Shuffle? ›

Harlem Shuffle (novel)
First edition cover
AuthorColson Whitehead
ISBN978-0-385-54513-6 (first edition hardcover)
Dewey Decimal813/.54
9 more rows

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