20 Nike Shoes That Make You Taller (Ranked in Height Order) - Wearably Weird (2024)

Everyone loves a pair of sneakers that can provide them with some extra height, and when the sneakers are of high quality, comfortable, and have the Nike logo on top they benefit from iconic style too. Let’s take a look at 20 Nike shoes that make you taller.

20 Nike Shoes That Make You Taller (Ranked in Height Order) - Wearably Weird (1)

Nike shoes that make you taller ranked in height order:

Nike ShoeHeight added benefit (in inches)
1. Nike Air Max 97 1.6
2. Nike Shox Turbo 1.42
3. Nike Air Force 1 1.4
4. Nike Air Max 720 1.4
5. Nike Air Max 95 1.4
6. Nike Dunk 1.4
7. Nike Air Max 180 1.38
8. Nike Air Max 1 1.34
9. Nike Air Max 200 1.33
10. Nike Air VaporMax 1.3
11. Nike Air Max 270 1.2
12. Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin 1.2
13. Nike Blazer Mid ’77 1.2
14. Nike Shox Arrow 1.18
15. Nike Air Jordan Future 1.18
16. Nike Free 1.06
17. Nike Court Borough 0.87
18. Nike Flex RN 0.87
19. Nike Air Jordan 1 0.83
20. Nike Ebernon 0.75

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each shoe model…

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1. Nike Air Max 97

If you want to stand tall while having a full-length air unit from heel to toe, the Nike Air Max 97 will offer you all you want and need.

Making you 1.6 inches taller when new, Nike is generously offering the wearer not only height but a wide variety of colors for both the men’s and women’s versions. If you like traction when running but the look of fashion, a pair of eye-catching Nike Air Max 97s is right up your alley.

2. Nike Shox Turbo

The Shox Turbo makes you 1.42 inches taller! This is due to its support feature, which includes hollow columns in its midsole. By looking at how much taller these Nikes make you, it becomes clear that these columns make you much taller.

Unfortunately, you will be lucky to find a pair of Shox Turbo’s, as Nike discontinued these shoes in 2017. However, it’s not impossible to get a pair of these height-increasing sneakers on your hands, as some people sell them in great secondhand condition to this day.

Note that there are some later models of the Nike Shox, but they won’t nearly add as much height, and the Nike Shox Turbo remains the tallest version of all Nike Shox.

3. Nike Air Force 1

You have seen them everywhere, in all colors and with all outfits. That’s right, we’re talking about iconic and instantly recognizable Nike Air Force 1. A new pair of these beautiful Nikes will make you around 1.4 inches taller, and you’ll get compliments daily.

20 Nike Shoes That Make You Taller (Ranked in Height Order) - Wearably Weird (2)

The most difficult thing about the Nike Air Force 1’s isn’t about the added height it gives you but choosing one that perfectly fits your personal style.

With all the designs and colors available, you’ll have no difficulty choosing one that fits you, and no matter which one you choose, you’ll enjoy the comfort, beauty, and height that comes with it.

Air Force 1’s are available in women’s and men’s sneakers and can be paired with any outfit and style, making them one of the most versatile sneakers Nike is known for worldwide.

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4. Nike Air Max 720

If it’s all about making you taller, Nike can give you this with their Nike Air Max 720 unit, which offers you 1.4 inches of extra height.

Made for both men and women who appreciate everything Air Max and what they are all about, these Air Maxes offer incredible comfortability, style, and height.

Nike Air Max 720 has the ability to provide extra height due to the extra internal supporting molds, which not only secure the wearer’s foot but also lift it from heel to toe.

If you want a Nike sneaker that won’t only make you taller but make you one of the most fashionable people on the block, a pair of Nike Air Max 720s will be more than worth it.

5. Nike Air Max 95

Retro lovers seeking height and comfort will be pleasantly surprised at the Nike Air Max 95s, providing them with 1.4 inches of additional height. These sneakers are straight out of the 70s with a new and improved look to keep up with the modern street style.

Known as one of Nike’s most popular releases, Its large air unit stretches the sole, allowing for freedom of movement for any occasion.

Whether a men’s or women’s pair, Nike allows its wearers to choose from many solid colors to color combinations and the choice to customize their own pair.

6. Nike Dunk

Nike Dunks are almost as popular as the Air Force 1s, and with good reason. These beautiful shoes are available in many colors, and you can expect a pair to make you 1.4inches taller.

Whether you purchase a pair of high dunks or low dunks, you are sure to gain at least 1.4 inches when these shoes are worn straight out the box.

7. Nike Air Max 180

With the beautiful visible air cushioning, the Nike Air Max 180 will make you 1.38 inches taller. With a simple but elegant design, this Nike sneaker will turn into your favorite sneaker due to its lightweight but durable material.

Nike Air Max 180s are especially popular amongst runners due to these features, but they will look great when paired with a relaxed and casual outfit for the day.

8. Nike Air Max 1

It may feel like the Nike Air Units have been around forever, but their range making their wearers taller, had to start somewhere. The original Air Max 1 was the first pair of Nikes that displayed widely recognized air units.

If you have an eye for old-school originality, you can expect a brand new pair of original Nike Air Max 1s to make you 1.34 inches taller.

This sneaker is recognized as one of Nike’s classic sportswear shoes, but most wear them as fashion statements due to them still being manufactured to this day.

9. Nike Air Max 200

For minimalists looking for extra height, the Nike Air Max 200 offers them plenty. Although the Air Max 200 can be closely compared to the Air Max 270 Bowfin, they offer the wearer more height, for a total of 1.33 inches.

This Nike sneaker won’t only offer you the highest quality of material and an Air unit under the heel, but the minimalist colors fit almost everyone.

Although these shoes will fit the track best, it has one of the most flattering silhouettes in the world of Nike. Pair it with a relaxed or sporty outfit for an early morning jog, and you’ll gain more than just a few inches.

10. Nike Air VaporMax

Although Nike released this sneaker in 2017 and advertised them as running shoes, they don’t only have to be worn on the track or for your jogging expeditions. With a heel height of 1.3 inches, they will make you somewhat taller but provide you with lots of comfort.

Nike Air VaporMax was the first model Nike released that has visible air cushioning running from the heel all the way to the toe, making them a very popular sneaker amongst fashionistas as well.

Both the men’s and women’s versions of the Air VaporMax can be found in many colors and styles, and they look great for any casual occasion.

11. Nike Air Max 270

Another sneaker advertised as a running shoe but loved by all is known as the Nike Air Max 270. With this shoe adding a good 1.2 inches to your height, its air unit placed in the heel won’t feel 1.2 inches higher.

With their lightweight feel and sleeve-like upper that hugs your foot, you’ll enjoy more than just being taller. These shoes are versatile and sporty but fashionable and are every Nike lover’s dream.

12. Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin

If you’re a fan of the Air Max 270’s height but not of the style, we have you covered with the Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin. This sneaker has some qualities that include making you around 1.2 inches taller, being suitable for wet and dry surfaces, and having a more relaxed feel.

They are known as one of Nike’s sneakers with the largest air unit while being ready for your gym, running, or shopping journeys. This running sneaker is fit for the streets, while its chunky rubber sole will make you taller.

13. Nike Blazer Mid ’77

Available in both men’s and women’s, the Nike Blazer Mid 77’s will add about 1.2 inches to your height. These Nikes are most loved by women, as it makes them appear taller by exposing more of their legs as well. Although these sneakers are mostly seen as fashionable, they can also be used for sporting events.

14. Nike Shox Arrow

If you like what you heard about the Nike Shox Turbo, you will like what you’re about to hear even more. Although Nike discontinued Nike Shox Turbo, you can still receive a similar style while gaining some height by purchasing the Nike Shox Arrow.

This Nike sneaker will make you 1.18 inches taller, which may seem like a lot less than the original Turbos, but it’s still something.

These Nike sneakers are all about comfort and shock absorption, making them an overall great shoe for athletic people who want to gain some height.

With many different colors and the option to customize your own pair, you are sure to find your perfect pair of Nike Shox Arrows that will keep you comfortable and make you 1.18 inches taller.

15. Nike Air Jordan Future

The best thing about the Nike Air Jordan Future is its sock-like appearance while giving you an extra 1.18 inches of height. If you are a fan of Nike Jordans, you will enjoy this new and improved modern look while providing you with extra height.

16. Nike Free

If you’re looking for a shoe that can effectively withstand the roughest track days as well as your social activities, the Nike Free will provide you with all this while allowing you to stand taller by 1.06 inches.

These beautiful Nike sneakers are designed to free your feet and are seen as a fairly minimalistic sneakers. However, these Nike sneakers won’t make you as tall as some of the others on our list. If they fit your style, it’s a great way to look great and gain some height.

17. Nike Court Borough

The Nike court borough is Another Nike sneaker with a similar appearance to Air Force 1s, but they have much thinner soles. For this reason, you can expect a pair of Nike Court Boroughs to make you 0.87 inches taller.

Although this isn’t much, the clean silhouette makes them great for an everyday pair of sneakers. If you’re a fan of Air Force 1s and are looking for a sneaker on the more cost-friendly side while still gaining some height, the Nike Court Boroughs are the pair for you!

18. Nike Flex RN

A pair of Nike Flex RN will add an additional 0.87 inches to your height when new. These shoes are versatile, and with their high-density foam, you won’t even notice them restricting your foot movement. If a few inches are what you’re looking for without feeling uncomfortable, the Nike Flex RN will grant you this.

19. Nike Air Jordan 1

If you’re a basketball fan, you already know all about Michael Jordan. These shoes were first introduced by the star basketball player and are loved by millions of people today.

20 Nike Shoes That Make You Taller (Ranked in Height Order) - Wearably Weird (3)

Although these shoes, whether bought in low-tops or hightops, won’t provide you with lots of height, they could make you around 0.83 inches taller when new, as you can see in the above image.

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20. Nike Ebernon

If you like the overall style and look of the Nike Air Force 1 but are on the hunt for something different, the Nike Ebernon would be a great choice.

Although these Nike sneakers won’t make you as tall as some of the others on our list, they will increase your height by 0.75 inches when new. Just like the Air Force 1s, the Nike Ebernons are highly versatile sneakers that can be paired with any outfit while providing the wearer with support and comfort.

Nike Ebernons are also more affordable than most Nike sneakers, making them a great choice for everyday wear and providing the wearer with extra height.

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20 Nike Shoes That Make You Taller (Ranked in Height Order) - Wearably Weird (4)


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