How To Look Taller With Shoes? - (2024)

Lots of people like to look taller. Be careful of you use shoe lifts to do this! They may just make you stand like a drunk centaur with no back legs. Many men wear them because it’s not socially acceptable for them to wear high heeled shoes in public.

Since everything nineties is cool now and back then anything seventies was retro-chic, the platform shoe is making a comeback. However, the plats are a very casual shoe to be worn with jeans or shorty shorts. Is there another way shoes can make you look taller?

How To Look Taller With Shoes? - (1)

Do Shoes Increase Your Height?

Some can. Lots of boots and some formal wear shoes (particularly those made for women) have a heel that will give you an illusion of height. It’s the equivalent of standing on tiptoe.

There are also elevator shoes with a thick insole of rubber, wood, or plastic to make the person look a little taller without being too obvious. While the appearance of elevator shoes varies, they have a tendency to be boxy with a square toe.

How Much Height Do Normal Shoes Add?

That depends on what kind of shoes they are. The typical sneaker will add about half an inch. Many dress shoes will put on half an inch to a whole inch in height. There are work boots that will add up to an inch or one and a quarter inch. Of course, some thick boots, such as cowboy boots, will put on as much as one and a half or two inches in height.

Can Shoes Make You Look Taller?

Shoes that have thickened soles or lifts can make you look a little taller. Besides high heels and putting in lifts you can use shoes to give yourself the illusion of looking taller.

The shape of your shoes will play an important role in your look. Wearing pointed toe shoes will give your feet an elongated look and accordingly your leg. Stay away from round or squared off toes as they can give your feet a shorter look. Also, wearing shoes below the ankle especially with shorts can give you a taller look.

What Shoe Colors Do Make You Look Taller?

There are no specific colors that can make you look taller, however, you need to go with a low contrast choice when choosing your shoes as this could visually impact your leg look and make it appear more elongated. This can be achieved by choosing shoes that don’t contrast heavily with your trousers.

For example, when wearing black trousers stay away from white sneakers, dark-colored ones will be a great option since they are within the same color palette. During hot summer months, you can utilize a nice trick when wearing tans, beiges shorts, or what we call flesh colors.

Wearing elevator shoes that have the color of your skin tone will extend the perceived look of your legs. However, keep in mind that those colors known as “nude” or “flesh” might not match every skin tone. Another trick is wearing vertical stripes. They can make you look taller, however, shoes with that pattern might make your feet look wider.

Things To Put In Shoes To Make You Taller

Simple! Your feet! (Rimshot.) There are inserts with air cushions that can make you look as much as two and a half inches taller. Some people try to make do with cloth, paper or cardboard but it gets uncomfortable really quickly.

Do Height Increasing Insoles Work?

There are adjustable insoles that come as a kit so you can make any pair of shoes, elevator shoes. They can make you look as much as three and a half inches taller. If you want more than that, go buy some stilts.

Are Height Insoles Bad For Your Feet?

They can cause blisters and calluses, as can anything that crowds your feet. Keep in mind that the pressure of a soft shoe lift constantly pressing upward against the foot is very apt to aggravate or even cause mid-foot and arch problems.

Can Height Insoles Cause Problems?

It can be hard to keep your balance while wearing lifts. For example, you may stumble a bit even on a gently inclined ramp. Taking tiny, tentative steps may keep you from falling, but it’s time-consuming and makes you look ridiculous. If you don’t hurt yourself from tripping, you could be causing stress to your ankle joints.

Should You Wear Height Insoles?

They are acceptable for social events and job interviews. Just don’t wear them if you plan on doing anything physical beyond walking a few steps. They will not make you any better at basketball!

What Shoes To Wear With Height Insoles?

Most people put them in dress shoes, but you can put them in athletic shoes, as long as you aren’t actually doing anything athletic. Some people put them in boots to look extra tall.

How Many Inches Can Shoe Lifts Add?

Generally, most of the elevator shoes you find on the market these days can make you in the neighborhood of two to five inches taller. That provides a vast range of choices for men.

Are Shoe Lifts Noticeable?

If it’s more than one inch, very observant people might notice. Because the angle of the foot is pushed upwards, the instep might bulge out a little, like a lady wearing high heels.

Do Elevator Shoes Work?

If you go for something subtle, it should. Just don’t get the clunky, boxy ones that scream “I’m insecure about my height”.

How Do Elevator Shoes Work?

Elevator shoes have three main features that make them work. The insole adds height and absorbs impact while walking. The mid-level insoles’ two main functions are to keep the leather insole from deteriorating and to deliver aeration to the entire shoe. The outer soles protect the natural instep of the foot.

Are Elevator Shoes Bad For Your Feet?

There may be some inflammation of the Achilles tendon. However, if you’re sensible, they shouldn’t do any harm.

How Much Height Do Elevator Shoes Add?

As with lifts, elevators add at the most five inches.

Are Elevator Shoes Noticeable?

If you get nice ones, no one will notice. Elevator shoes have a reputation for being chunky but if you look around you are sure to find some classy styles. Be warned that if you try to go higher than an inch or so, you might look disproportionate.

Should Short Men Wear Elevator Shoes?

“Short people got no reason to live.” said the great bard Newman. He was actually talking about people who were small-minded. At the end of the day, it’s really a personal choice. Just don’t wear elevator shoes that look like elevator shoes. It defeats the purpose.

Are Elevator Shoes Worth It?

Most people just use inserted lifts or boots with a bit of heel. They’re a bit awkward to walk in, especially for the first time and it’s rare you find any that actually look nice.

Does Wearing High Heels Increase Height?

A little. You have to allow for the length of the toes and ball of the foot still on the ground. Five-inch heels will only make you about three inches taller.

Do Basketball Shoes Make You Taller?

They do have extra thick soles that may add an inch or so. You won’t be looking Boban Marjanović in the eye. You are advised not to wear inserts while playing basketball.

Do Dress Shoes Make You Taller?

Some do. A thick heel and sole can add half or a whole inch. A work boot can make you look one and a quarter-inch taller. Pumps, depending on the heel can add anywhere from two to five inches in height. A boot with a Cuban heel can add an inch and a half of height.

Brand Name Shoes That Make You Taller

Some brands recognize that people like to be taller. Some brands are made for activities where a thick shoe sole is useful. The brands listed below have both men and women’s sizes available. Because these shoes all have thick soles, an insert will not be necessary. They may be easier on your feet than pumps or elevator shoes because they don’t force you to walk on tiptoes.

1. How Much Height Do Vans Add?

Not as much as you think. The outsole is very thick, a bit more than an inch. However, the insole is lower and very soft. Brand new Vans will make you look maybe half an inch taller. After they’ve been broken in and the insole gets even softer, they won’t add any height at all.

2. How Much Height Do Jordans Add?

Like the Vans, the Jordans have an outsole more than an inch thick. Like the Vans, they don’t add more height. If you want to “be like Mike”, these shoes might help you a little with running and jumping but they’ll only make you six and a half feet tall if you’re six foot five, to begin with.

3. How Much Height Do Timberlands Add?

Now, this can actually add some height. They may be able to add an inch or even two to your height. No one will be yelling “Timber!” should you fall over, but Timberlands can add some height while giving you a sort of utilitarian, casual style to your look.

4. How Much Height Do Yeezys Add?

The Yeezy Boost 350 by Adidas does indeed give you something of a boost. A brand-new pair could give you a little over an inch in height. The Yeezy 700 can add a little more than an inch and a half to your height.

5. How Much Height Do Converse Add?

Not a whole lot. This is another shoe with a thick outsole that hides just how deep the shoe is. The Converses can make you a little more than half an inch taller. Unlike the Vans, they do not compress much over time.

6. How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add?

Whether you get the three eye or the eight-eye model, you get the same hardy outsole. They can add as much as an inch and a half in height. There are many ways to wear this perennial favorite.

7. How Much Height Do Air Max Add?

The newest model of the Air Max, the 360, will add nearly an inch and a half to your height. The slightly older 180 model adds a little bit over an inch to the height.


Before you invest in inserts or elevator shoes, try making yourself look taller by improving your posture. Pull your tummy in, keep your shoulders back, and balance your weight evenly on both feet. Sometimes all you have to do is stand up straight to look taller.

If you plan on using shoes to make yourself look taller, the idea is not to make it look like you’re trying to look taller. Making yourself look taller at the cost of looking ridiculous is not an acceptable payoff.


How To Look Taller With Shoes? - (2024)


What can I put in shoes to look taller? ›

Some of the most popular types include:
  1. Elevated Insoles: These insoles have a raised heel that helps to add extra height. ...
  2. Wedge Insoles: Wedge insoles are designed to add extra height and support to the arch of your foot. ...
  3. Heel Lifts: Heel lifts are a great way to add extra height if you don't want to wear heels.
Sep 13, 2022

Do shoe insoles make you taller? ›

Height-lifting shoe insoles can be a great way to add a few inches to your height and improve your posture. They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive, so they are definitely worth considering if you want to add a little extra height.

What shoes make you look taller? ›

Dress shoes and high-heeled boots use them. Elevator shoes: These shoes add 2–5 inches to your height. They have a hidden wedge or platform inside the shoe, making you look taller without anyone knowing. Some shoe brand like Chamaripa are producing elevator shoes.

What shoes boost height the most? ›

Thick-soled sneakers: Popular among younger generations, these sneakers have a thick platform-style sole that can add one to two inches. These offer a casual way to appear taller without sacrificing comfort. Boots with raised heels: Many boots come with a slightly elevated heel that can add one to two inches of height.

What shoes give you 2 inches of height? ›

Elevator shoes: These shoes add 2–5 inches to your height. They have a hidden wedge or platform inside the shoe, making you look taller without anyone knowing.

How to look 2 inches taller? ›

  1. 10 Style Tips to Make You Look Taller. ...
  2. Always match your shoes to your pants. ...
  3. Embrace the importance of blazer buttons. ...
  4. Ditch the belt. ...
  5. Use shoe lifts. ...
  6. Ditch the short-sleeved shirts. ...
  7. Play around with layering. ...
  8. Keep it slim.

How to naturally increase height? ›

Taking good care of yourself — eating well, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of rest — is the best way to stay healthy and help your body reach its natural potential. There's no magic pill for increasing height. In fact, your genes are the major determinant of how tall you'll be.

How many inches do shoes add to your height? ›

Most sneakers add around 1 inch of height, but the best shoes that make you taller should add 1 ½ to 3 inches to your frame.

How much can shoe lifts add? ›

Our shoe lifts are designed to add an inch or enough height and balance to your posture. No need to wear obvious platform shoes; our insoles fit seamlessly inside your existing shoes for a comfortable, invisible, discreet heel. Our height increase insoles are perfect for men and women.

What shoes make your legs look longer? ›

Point toe shoes will make your legs look longer and more slender than round or square toes. Shoes that are open at the top and give a bit of 'toe cleavage' are even better.

What shoes are best for short legs? ›

Over-the-knee boots (musketeers)

Musketeers for a short person are a very favorable model of boots. This is because these reach behind the knee, and often even go under the skirt or dress, so you can not see that they optically shorten the legs or cut them in some place.

What shoes make short legs look longer? ›

If pumps are out of your comfort zone, try the low platform, wedge, or flatform shoes (wedges with no heel elevation), which also help your legs appear longer. You get double points for wearing these with pants with a longer hem.

What shoe color makes you look taller? ›

Tip #1: Go Monochrome. Neutral-colored boots and sneakers can make you look taller. For me, that includes white footwear, especially when wearing a skirt or shorts, since it creates the illusion of length against my light skin tone.

Does a 3 inch heel make you 3 inches taller? ›

A three inch heel with a 1 inch platform will make the shoe feel like it is only a 2 inch heel, but it will make the wearer of the shoes appear to be 3 inches taller.

Do 6 inch heels make you 6 inches taller? ›

Depends on the heel height. At a certain point, a heel will not increase your height and will only bend your feet. A three inch heel will add three inches. A six inch heel may only add four inches.

How many inches can shoe lifts add? ›

Elevator shoes: These shoes add 2–5 inches to your height.

How do you make a homemade shoe lift? ›

You can make your own lifts by using the insole from worn running shoes. Cut off the back third to quarter of two insoles and put one in each shoe. If you put them in running shoes, slide them under the regular insoles. If you need to put two lifts or each foot, just cut up two more insoles.

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