163 Eras Tour outfit ideas for your Taylor Swift concert (2024)

31 October 2023, 11:22

163 Eras Tour outfit ideas for your Taylor Swift concert (1)

Taylor Swift announces The Eras Tour concert film with trailer

By Katie Louise Smith


Need Eras Tour outfit inspiration? Look no further...

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So, your Eras Tour show is coming up and you don't have an outfit yet... Don't know which era to go as? Unsure if you want to keep it casual or go all out with a Taylor Swift-themed costume? Look no further. Here's all the inspiration you need for your Eras Tour outfit...

Ever since the Eras Tour started in March 2023, Swifties have been turning it out with their outfits. TikTok has been flooded with fans sharing their Taylor-themed looks, and with the 2024 dates just around the corner, it's time for the rest of the international fans to get their outfits ready.

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From the iconic Junior Jewels to Taylor's 'Bejeweled' outfit, or from Mr. Perfectly Fine to Miss Americana, there's so many options for fans – both glam and/or absolutely chaotic – who are looking to include a genius Taylor reference in their Eras Tour outfit.

Alongside the aesthetics, colour schemes and motifs of the 10 iconic eras, below is a looong list of possible Taylor outfits you could recreate, song lyrics or characters from songs you could dress up as, or other Taylor references that will make for a unique Eras Tour costume.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour outfit ideas: What should I wear to the Eras Tour?

163 Eras Tour outfit ideas for your Taylor Swift concert (4)

Taylor Swift (Debut) Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Aquamarine blue, green, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, curly hair, guitars, butterflies, tie-dye, denim jackets, faded blue jeans, rhinestones, white dress, statement earrings.

Thinking about taking it aaaaaall the way back to debut? Taylor's early country aesthetic has given Swifties plenty of inspiration so far, and there's a handful of lyrical references that you could dress up as too – for both solo and couple outfit ideas!

  • 'Little Black Dress' from 'Tim McGraw'
  • Tim McGraw
  • 'The Golden One' from 'Tied Together With A Smile'
  • '87' and '89' from 'Mary's Song (Oh Oh Oh)'
  • 'Just a small town boy and girl' from 'I'm Only Me When I'm With You'

Fearless (Taylor's Version) Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Gold, white, glitter, sparkles, knee high boots, curly hair, guitars, big hoop earrings.

If you've been on SwiftTok at all during the 2023 Eras Tour shows, you'll know that the gold dress/white cowboy boots/curly hair combo has been a VERY popular outfit choice for Swifties in their Fearless era. But if you're looking for something a bit more unique and/or chaotic, check out the options below:

  • Your 'Best Dress' from 'Fearless' (a.k.a. a shimmering, fringed gold dress just like Taylor's)
  • Juliet from the 'Love Story' music video
  • Romeo from the 'Love Story' music video
  • 'Not A Princess' from 'White Horse'
  • The 'Cheer Captain' and the girl 'on the bleachers' from 'You Belong With Me'
  • The band outfit from from 'You Belong With Me'/Fearless tour
  • Junior Jewels from the 'You Belong With Me' music video
  • 'Little Black Dress' from 'The Other Side of the Door'
  • The word 'You' all over your dress from 'You All Over Me'
  • Mr. Perfectly Fine
  • Mr. Casually Cruel
  • Ms. Misery
  • A white horse

Speak Now (Taylor's Version) Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Purple, gold, floaty dresses, big puffy dresses, stars, fairytale, fantasy, curly hair, charm bracelets, sparkles, fireworks.

From stunning purple dresses to unhinged lyric references, the Speak Now era Swifties have been serving in the crowds of Taylor's shows. She might only have two Speak Now songs on the official setlist, but don't let that stop you from donning one of these outfits...

  • A pageant queen from 'Speak Now'
  • A fireworks show from 'Sparks Fly'
  • The band from the 'Mean' music video
  • 'Not A Saint' from 'Better Than Revenge'
  • A moth and a flame from 'Better Than Revenge'
  • The mattress from 'Better Than Revenge' (RIP!)
  • 'Kings and Queens' from 'Long Live'
  • 'Band of thieves in ripped up jeans' from 'Long Live'
  • Dragon fighters from 'Long Live'
  • 'Little Miss Sunshine' from 'When Emma Falls in Love'
  • Gold dress vault Taylor from the 'I Can See You' music video
  • The purple dress from the album covers
  • The other purple dress from the Speak Now tour
  • The Wonderstruck perfume bottle

Red (Taylor's Version) Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Red, white, black, stripes, straight hair, red lip, shorts, sunglasses, black hats, slogan tees, hearts.

So, Red is your favourite Taylor era but you're unsure what to wear for your Eras Tour outfit? Whether you want a hilarious lyrical reference or want to replicate one of Taylor's iconic lewks, we've got you covered.

  • 'Mosaic broken hearts' from 'State of Grace'
  • The scarf from 'All Too Well'
  • The refrigerator light from 'All Too Well'
  • A 'crumpled up piece of paper' from 'All Too Well'
  • 'Not a lot going on at the moment' t-shirt from the '22' music video
  • Hipsters from from '22'
  • The Lucky One
  • ''60s queen' from The Lucky One
  • The puffy red dress from the 'I Bet You Think About Me' music video
  • Twins flames from 'All Too Well (10 Minute Version)' (inspired by these Swifties)
  • The squirrel pyjamas from 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' music video
  • The ringmaster costume from the Red tour

1989 (Taylor's Version) Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Light blue, metallic colours, sequinned co-ords, mini skirts, sunglasses, knee/thigh high boots, short hair, birds, red lip.

1989 is all about bright colours, sequins, red lips, best friends and FUN. This era is backed with iconic music video outfits and memorable tour 'fits... so take your pick! From the blue 'Out of the Woods' dress to the cheer squad from 'Shake It Off', fellow Swifties will be obsessed with your look.

  • 'Starbucks Lover' from 'Blank Space''s iconic misheard lyric
  • A 'nightmare dressed like a daydream' from 'Blank Space'
  • James Dean from 'Style'
  • 'Good girl faith and a tight little skirt' from 'Style'
  • An outfit in 'screaming colour' from 'Out of the Woods'
  • 'Two paper airplanes' from 'Out of the Woods'
  • A 'wine-stained dress' from 'Clean'
  • Alice inspired by 'Wonderland'
  • A ballerina from the 'Shake It Off' music video
  • A cheerleader/cheer squad from the 'Shake It Off' music video
  • The entire 'Bad Blood' squad from the music video
  • The blue dress from the 'Out of the Woods' music video
  • Black slip dress and sleep mask Taylor from the 'Blank Space' music video
  • Mascara running Taylor from the 'Blank Space' music video
  • Sequin co-ord/two piece from the Eras Tour
  • Sequin bomber jacket, crop top, skater skirt and wayfarer sunglasses from the 1989 World Tour
  • White two piece and knee high boots from the 1989 World Tour
  • A skirt made out of polaroids (inspired by @tayamillerr)

Reputation Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Black, dark green, dark red, gold, silver, snakes, snake print, hooded bodysuits, smoky eye makeup.

With Reputation (Taylor's Version) set to be the next re-record after 1989 (Taylor's Version), we're bound to start seeing an increase in Rep-themed outfits at the 2024 international shows. Might as well get planning now – Karyn is about to make her grand return!

  • 'Burton and Taylor' inspired by '...Ready For It?'
  • 'Flames on my skin, crimson red paint on my lips' from 'I Did Something Bad'
  • 'Poison Ivy' and 'Daisy' from 'Don't Blame Me'
  • 'Dark jeans and your Nikes' from 'Delicate'
  • 'Jetset Bonnie and Clyde' from 'Getaway Car'
  • The Getaway Car driver
  • The actual Getaway Car
  • The 'King Of My Heart'
  • American Queen from 'King Of My Heart'
  • 'Your buzz cut and my hair bleached' from 'Dress'
  • 'Gatsby' vibes inspired by 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things'
  • The black hooded bodysuit from the '...Ready For It?' music video
  • The blue fringed dress from the 'Delicate' music video
  • Literally any of these outfits from the 'Look What You Made Me Do' music video: ‘Dead’ Taylor, Red Snake Throne Taylor, Car crash Taylor, Orange jumpsuit Taylor, Leather-studded biker Taylor, Fishnet Taylor, ‘I Heart TS’ cropped tee dancers, the black faux fur ‘rep’ bodysuit.
  • The one sleeve, one leg snake bodysuit from the Eras Tour
  • The one sleeve bodysuit and thigh high boots from the Reputation Stadium tour.
  • Karyn the snake

Lover Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Pink, light blue, rainbow, tie die, feathers, fringe, sparkles, pastels, hearts, stars, butterflies.

If you're a lover of colour and want to stand out in a bright, bold outfit at the show, then Lover is surely the era for you. In fact, alongside Fearless, Lover's aesthetic might be one of the most popular era choices throughout the tour so far.

  • Miss Americana
  • The Heartbreak Prince
  • The Man from 'The Man' music video (Tennis outfit, work suit, St. Tropez printed shirt)
  • The Archer
  • The 'London Boy'
  • 'Devils' and 'Angels' from 'Cruel Summer
  • 'Homecoming Queens' from 'Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince'
  • The 'traffic lights' from 'Death By A Thousand Cuts'
  • 'New York City' from 'False God'
  • A 'rainbow with all of the colours' from 'ME!
  • The pink heart dress from the 'ME!' music video
  • The pastel suits from the 'ME!' music video
  • The black and white flower dress from the 'ME!' music video ("Je suis calme!")
  • The pink faux fur coat and sunglasses from the 'You Need To Calm Down' music video
  • The burger and fries from the 'You Need To Calm Down' music video

Folklore Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Beige, white, silver, gold, light purple, brown, curly hair, plaited hair, cardigans, flowing dresses, long skirts, mirrorballs, wine glasses, lace up boots.

Folklore's quiet and cozy vibes might not immediately jump out as your first choice for a show-stopping Eras Tour outfit, but there's so much fun to be had with the lyrics and characters from the album!

  • Rebekah and Bill Harkness from 'The Last Great American Dynasty'
  • The 'key lime green dog' from 'The Last Great American Dynasty'
  • A 'mirrorball'
  • The Moon and Saturn from 'seven'
  • The 'bottle of wine' from 'August'
  • Betty, James, Inez and Augustine
  • A dupe/homemade version of the floral Oscar de la Renta dress from the 2021 Grammys
  • And of course, thee Folklore cardigan (if you're lucky to own it!)

Evermore Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Cream, gold, bronze, dark green, light green, velvet, leafy foliage, floral prints, subtle plaid prints, witchcraft, capes.

Swifties have been obsessed with the witchy vibes of the Evermore section of the Eras Tour and their replica costumes have been incredible, but if you're looking for something a little different, check out the options below:

  • The bride from 'Champagne Problems'
  • The champagne from 'Champagne Problems'
  • 'How evergreen our group of friends' from from 'Champagne Problems' (inspired by @natniels)
  • An Olive Garden employee inspired by 'No Body, No Crime'
  • Ivy
  • The 'spirit' and the 'bones' from 'Ivy'
  • Cowboys inspired by 'Cowboy Like Me'
  • A woman covered in cobwebs inspired by 'Right Where You Left Me'
  • Plaid jacket and plaited hair inspired by the album cover
  • And of course, one of the 'Willow' witches from the Eras Tour...

Midnights Eras Tour costume ideas

The aesthetic: Dark blue, silver, black, stars, deep jewel tones, jewels, glitter, glitter eye shadow, hair jewels, sequins, cat eye sharp enough to kill a man.

Taylor's newest era has provided fans with plenty of ideas for their Eras Tour costumes. Midnights is all about sparkles, jewels and glitter – even Taylor's Midnights tour costumes have become some of the most popular lewks in the crowd!

  • The ghost from the 'Anti-Hero' music video
  • 'Sexy baby' and the 'monster on the hill' from 'Anti-Hero'
  • The 'cheap-ass screw top Rosé' from 'Maroon'
  • The HAIM sisters from the 'Bejeweled' music video
  • Taylor's black jewel embellished bodysuit from the 'Bejeweled' music video
  • 'Sunshine' and 'Midnight Rain' from 'Midnight Rain'
  • The street cleaner from the 'Karma' music video
  • 'Karma is my boyfriend' + your boyfriend wearing a 'Karma' tee
  • Fluffy purple jacket inspired by Taylor's 'Lavender Haze' Eras Tour outfit
  • A giant friendship bracelet (inspired by @soficas19)
  • An dress made out of friendship bracelets (inspired by @karolimabeans)

Eras Tour costume ideas: Inside jokes, Taylor Swift references and more...

  • The white shirt with her stolen albums written on it from the 2019 AMAs
  • The janitor cart she arrives in from the Eras Tour
  • "No, it's Becky"
  • Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin
  • A 'Karma Album' truther
  • A 'Woodvale' truther
  • A pegacorn
  • A christmas tree for 'Christmas Tree Farm'
  • Bombalurina from Cats (inspired by @nickrizzo815)
  • The infamous 'I Heart T.S.' vest worn by Tom Hiddleston
  • A Bejeweled Travis Kelce Chiefs jersey

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163 Eras Tour outfit ideas for your Taylor Swift concert (5)

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163 Eras Tour outfit ideas for your Taylor Swift concert (2024)


What should I wear to Taylor Swift eras tour? ›

Reach for flowy sundresses or skirts, whites and creams, and sheer fabrics like lace (this era is perfect for cowboy hats, too). We think creams and light pinks would add a soft, poignant touch, or you could pull out an oversized flannel and loose jeans for something more relaxed.

How to dress for a Taylor Swift themed party? ›

For your Lover Era Taylor Swift themed party outfit, think rainbow outfits, colorful makeup, heart-shaped sunnies, pastel tie-dye, pretty pinks and bright blues. Add a bit of sparkle and draw a pink glitter heart around your eye as an homage to the album cover, or accessorize with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses.

How do I prepare for Taylor Swift eras tour? ›

  1. PROTECT YOUR EARS! I can't dress this enough, your hearing doesn't come back. ...
  2. Hydrate! Not just the day of but also the day before. ...
  3. Don't Be a Hero! You are not a “bad fan” if you need to sit down during the show or if you have to get up and go to the bathroom at some point. ...
  4. Wear Comfortable Shoes! ...
  5. Have Fun!
Dec 19, 2023

Why is everyone dressing up for eras tour? ›

You can tell that some other artists are just there for the money, but she seems to really want to make sure that everyone is having a good time.” Albert said getting to dress the part helps to complete her Eras Tour experience. “I think these outfits boost everyone's confidence,” Albert said. “It's so much fun.

Can I wear jeans to eras tour? ›

They're lighter on the sequins and sparkle but still just as appropriate for The Eras Tour or any other Taylor show. All of these outfits are my vibe! For a more casual concert look, think a comfy pair of jeans or pants (or shorts if it's hot out). Wear high-rise bottoms and pair them with a cropped tee or tank.

What is Taylor Swift's two favorite colors? ›

Taylor Swift's favorite color is purple [3]. However, it's worth noting that there are conflicting answers from different sources. Some fans have mentioned that Taylor Swift also likes white, pink, navy blue, and sparkly colors [3].

How many outfits does Taylor Swift wear in eras tour? ›

The 'Midnights' songstress channels every one of her eras with her incredibly meta wardrobe, she has a whopping 16 outfit changes that draw inspiration from the past 17 years of her career.

What is Taylor Swift clothing style? ›

Outside of music, Taylor Swift is widely known for her sparkling red-carpet outfits and stage looks. But she also has a strong street style, as seen during her New York City strolls over the years. Swift seems to be a fan of statement coats, patterned tights, and denim ensembles.

What time does Taylor Swift wake up? ›

She greets the morning at 7 AM with an energizing start that includes playful moments with her cats. By 8:30 AM, Swift undertakes a rigorous workout routine, maintaining physical fitness and mental clarity, which are essential for her demanding career.

How many hours is Taylor Swift Eras Tour? ›

On dates where Taylor performs the full Eras Tour setlist, the concert is 3 hours and 15 minutes long. However, Taylor often has surprises at her shows and in some cases the concerts have lasted as long as 3 hours and 45 minutes.

How many Eras Tour bracelets should I make? ›

It's recommended to bring around five to 10 bracelets to the Eras Tour to trade with other fans.

Do I need a clear bag for eras tour? ›

Only bags that are "clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12," the NFL says. "No buckles, grommets/hardware or décor can be concealing any part of the bag." In other words: The bag must literally be all clear.

Does everyone get a light up bracelet at the Eras Tour? ›

Everybody in the stadium will get a light-up bracelet to wear during the show that will be synced up to the music. Taylor said during the show that she likes to hand out the bracelets so that she can see every person in the stadium through the lights!

How long does Taylor Swift concert last? ›

An Eras Tour show is over three hours and 15 minutes long, the longest of Swift's career.

Does Taylor Swift have a meet and greet for eras tour? ›

Ever since night 1 of the eras tour where no such meet and greet took place, I've really enjoyed not hearing people make that a sole focus."

Is there an age limit for Taylor Swift eras tour? ›

Age restrictions

All shows on the Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour presented by Crown are All Ages events. This is a licensed, loud music event, staged over a long time and we do not recommend attendance by children aged 5 years and under.

Does Taylor Swift have an opener for eras tour? ›

On June 2, 2023, Swift announced the Latin American shows of the Eras Tour, with Sabrina Carpenter as opening act.

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