This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (2024)

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It’s important to find the right outfit that reflects your unique aesthetic. Whether you prefer a trendy, modern look or something more traditional and classic, creating a summer outfit based on your aesthetic is the best way to make sure you look and feel your best all season long! Whether you are drawn to an Old Money outfit or Coastal Cowgirl style, or maybe you don’t know what either of those is and you want to find out, we’ll break down all of the pieces you need to make your ideal look come together.

1. Old Money

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (1)

dress | sunglasses | earrings | shoes | bag

Ah, Old Money. There’s something so chic about this new aesthetic! This style is all about classic elegance, refinement, and a timeless look. It’s a trending aesthetic that’s really been around for generations. This term describes families with generational wealth that has been passed down for years – with a refined taste for luxury. Think of the Kennedys or the Rockefellers – their style is timeless and their wardrobe screams classic.

Though this aesthetic is a symbol of luxury and sophistication, you don’t have to have a luxurious budget to look the part. Old Money, also known as quiet luxury, is centered around high-quality pieces and a timeless look instead of flashy designer logos.

For those of you who are fans of this classic elegance, a simple white dress is the perfect starting point for your ideal summer outfit. Look for something that’s made of high-quality materials like linen or cotton. A knee-length or midi dress with a simple cut and minimal embellishments would work perfectly for this look.

To dress up this look, slingback heels are a classy choice. These shoes are elegant and Chanel-inspired. Opt for a pair in a neutral shade like black or nude to keep the focus on the dress.

As for accessories, keep it simple and minimal. Invest in timeless pieces such as pearl earrings, a chic watch, or a delicate pendant necklace. Heading out? A small handbag would complement the dress well!

This Old Money-inspired outfit is the perfect choice for summer events like garden parties or afternoon teas. With its timeless elegance, you’ll feel like you just stepped out of a scene from The Great Gatsby. This outfit will not only keep you looking polished and put-together, but it’s also perfect for those hot summer days, thanks to the light and airy silhouette.

2. That Girl

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (2)

dress | earrings | shoes | bag | bracelet | hat

For those who focus on productivity, self-care, and self-betterment, That Girl aesthetic is perfect for you. It’s a trend that has been gaining momentum (thanks to many TikTok users) and is rooted in trendy, basic apparel with an athleisure twist. Think matching sets, workout clothes, leggings, active dresses, and tennis skirts.

To build your ideal summer outfit under the That Girl aesthetic, start with a comfy yet stylish fitness dress so you can start your productive day with ease. Pair it with white sneakers to add even more comfort to your look.

To keep your hands free while on the go, a belt bag will do the trick! It’s an essential accessory that not only adds style to your outfit but also keeps your phone and essentials close at hand.

Top off your That Girl summer look with a baseball hat, which adds a touch of sportiness and laid-back vibes to your outfit. When it comes to accessorizing, keep things minimal and understated. A pair of simple earrings or a delicate chain necklace are just what you need.

This That Girl summer outfit is all about simplicity, practicality, and a touch of sportiness. It’s the perfect look for those who love to stay active but still want to look stylish and put-together while also focusing on personal growth. Running errands? Hitting the gym? Grabbing your daily matcha? Hanging out with friends? This look has you covered.

3. Grandparentcore

skirt | sweater | shoes | bag | earrings

Do you resonate with a classic yet cozy life and a nod to simpler times? I’ve got one (fictitious) word for you: Grandparentcore. This aesthetic is all about channeling the classic style of our grandparents and giving it a slightly modern twist. To achieve this look, opt for pieces that have a retro or vintage feel, such as pleated midi skirts, loafers, and crochet sweaters.

To make this aesthetic work for summer, choose a flowy midi skirt. Next, opt for a knit sweater that is light enough to wear in the summer. The knit fabric will add texture and warmth to your ensemble, while still being breathable enough for summer days. Lastly, pair your look with some comfy loafers. The loafers will add a classic element to the outfit, while still maintaining a laid-back feel.

Whether you’re attending a garden party or strolling around a flea market, the Grandparentcore aesthetic is the perfect combination of vintage and timeless!

4. Balletcore

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (4)

top | skirt | shoes | bag | earrings

If you’re a fan of the delicate beauty of ballet, then you’ll love incorporating Balletcore into your summer wardrobe. This aesthetic is all about embracing soft colors, feminine silhouettes, and lightweight fabrics that move gracefully with your body. This style combines the delicate nature of ballet with the casual ease of everyday wear, making it a go-to for summer outings.

For your ideal summer outfit, start with a satin slip skirt in a light pastel or neutral color. The flowing nature of the skirt will lend a sense of grace and fluidity to your look (just like ballet dancers). Pair it with a simple halterneck top to add a feminine and modern touch.

When it comes to footwear, espadrilles are a great choice to elevate this look. A wedge heel adds height and sophistication, perfect for attending a wedding or special event. You’ll look like you just stepped out of a dreamy ballet performance and are ready to twirl your way through any summer day with style and grace!

5. Academia

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (5)

top | skirt | shoes | bag | watch | bow

If Academia makes you think of academics which makes you think of schools and studying, then you’re on the right track! The Academia look is inspired by classic university style and is characterized by timeless pieces such as plaid pants, sweater vests, and loafers. As well as all pieces that exude preppy sophistication.

For those who love all things intellectual, the Academia aesthetic is perfect for creating your dream summer outfit. Starting with a plaid skirt is a great way to embrace the aesthetic and add a touch of summer to your outfit.

Pair with a sleeveless turtleneck or sweater vest in a neutral tone to provide a classic look that also works for the warmer months. For an added touch of sophistication, opt for a pair of loafers in a coordinating color.

A stylish tote bag adds to the look and is also practical – even if you aren’t carrying around any books! And of course, no scholarly look is complete without a watch, so opt for a high-quality one to elevate your look.

6. Coastal Grandmother

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (6)

top | pants | shoes | bag | sunglasses | hat

This style screams, “I’m on vacation and loving it!” The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic is all about breezy comfort and seaside charm. Pairing white jeans with a blue and white striped button-down is a classic look that never goes out of style. The crisp white jeans will pop against the muted blue stripes and give you a clean and put-together look.

To top off your outfit, add a straw hat for some much-needed shade and a straw bag for your beach essentials. Not only are these accessories functional, but they also add an element of texture and natural charm to your outfit. Plus, they’ll match perfectly with the beachy vibe of your Coastal Grandmother aesthetic.

This summer outfit is perfect for a day spent walking along the beach, exploring local shops, or even having a picnic by the water. And, as with any Coastal Grandmother look, don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite sunglasses and a pair of comfortable sandals. Trust me, this outfit will make you feel like the chicest grandma on the beach!

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7. Cottagecore

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (7)

dress | shoes | bag | bandana | earrings

Cottagecore is how it sounds: embodying the simplistic, wholesome beauty of life in a cottage in the countryside. The perfect summer outfit for this aesthetic would be something feminine, simple, and sweet – just bring to mind scenes from The Little Prairie and you’ve got it.

For your ideal summer look, start with a cotton floral dress. The delicate details of this dress add a touch of romance to the dress, while the floral print brings an element of natural beauty.

The straw bag is perfect for holding all of your summertime essentials, plus it adds a rustic charm to the outfit. A crochet headscarf provides an added touch of nostalgia and whimsy, perfect for the Cottagecore aesthetic. Finally, mary jane loafers add a classic touch to the outfit, bringing together a look that is both comfortable and chic.

This outfit is perfect for enjoying the outdoors, whether you’re strolling through a field of wildflowers or sitting on a porch swing with a good book!

8. Fairycore

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (8)

skirt | top | shoes | bag | hair clip | rings

Are you someone that loves all things ethereal and whimsical? Then Fairycore is the perfect fit for you! The key to this look is incorporating light, airy fabrics and playful patterns to create a look that’s straight out of a fairytale.

To create your perfect Fairycore summer outfit, start with a floral shirt. Choose one with delicate flowers or muted colors to give off a soft and romantic vibe. Next, pair it with a flowing maxi skirt. The ideal skirt is lightweight and moves gracefully in the wind.

Complete the look with dainty jewelry and a pair of strappy sandals. You can even add a floral headband or a hair clip with little butterflies or flowers to make the outfit feel even more whimsical and enchanted!

This Fairycore aesthetic is all about embracing your inner dreamer, so whether you’re flocking in a field of wildflowers, going to a picnic in the park, or sipping iced tea in a garden, this outfit will make you feel like a magical fairy in no time.

9. Baroque

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (9)

dress | bag | shoes | necklace | earrings

If you’re someone who appreciates luxury and ornate design, then the baroque aesthetic might just be for you. Inspired by the opulence and extravagance of 17th-century European art and architecture, this aesthetic is all about bold patterns, metallic accents, and intricate details.

A jacquard dress is the perfect way to make a statement this summer. With its rich and complex woven pattern, a jacquard dress will instantly elevate your outfit. Look for dresses that have metallic threads or a hint of shimmer for an added touch of glam.

When it comes to accessories, pearls are a must-have for the baroque aesthetic. Whether you opt for a single strand or a chunky, layered necklace, pearls add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Lastly, complete your look with a pair of heels.

To really take your baroque-inspired summer outfit to the next level, don’t be afraid to play around with makeup and hair. Bold, dark lip colors and dramatic winged eyeliner are perfect for this aesthetic, as are elaborate updos or loose waves with intricate hair accessories. Embracing the opulence and luxury of this aesthetic creates a look that’s fit for a queen!

10. French Girl

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (10)

top | pants | shoes | bag | earrings | scarf | necklace

The quintessential French girl aesthetic – it’s effortless, timeless, and oozes chic sophistication! If you’re going for a French girl look this summer, you’ll want to focus on simple yet elevated pieces that exude a certain je ne sais quoi.

Start with a classic Breton stripe shirt – it’s a staple in any French girl’s wardrobe. Pair it with a pair of high-waisted cropped jeans or shorts. Finish off the outfit with a pair of white sneakers, sandals, espadrilles, or loafers, depending on your occasion. And don’t forget a straw bag or basket bag for that summer touch!

When it comes to accessories, less is definitely more. Keep it simple with a dainty gold necklace or hoop earrings. If you’re feeling bold, add a colorful silk scarf tied around your neck, hair, or bag.

For makeup, keep things natural with a touch of red lipstick for that signature French girl pop of color. And don’t forget your sunglasses – oversized cat-eye or round frames will do the trick.

Overall, the key to nailing the French girl aesthetic is to keep things minimalistic, timeless, and effortlessly chic. With the right pieces, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped off the streets of Paris.

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11. Coastal Cowgirl

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (11)

top | shorts | shoes | sunglasses | hat | belt

Are you a lover of all things Western-inspired, but also crave the seaside vibes of a coastal vacation? Then the coastal cowgirl aesthetic may be just what you’re looking for this summer!

To create the perfect coastal cowgirl outfit, start with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts in a light wash. Pair it with a white button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a statement belt with a Western-style buckle. For footwear, slip into a pair of western boots.

Now for the coastal twist – add a straw cowboy hat. A straw hat is perfect for the beach and when chosen in a Western style, you combine the best of both styles. To finish off the look, add a cool factor with a pair of aviator sunglasses.

With your coastal cowgirl outfit, you can spend your summer days riding horses along the shore and lounging on the beach, so saddle up and embrace the best of both worlds this summer!

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As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or preferences, but I can provide you with information related to the concepts used in this article. Here's a breakdown of the different aesthetics and concepts mentioned:

Old Money Aesthetic

  • Description: Classic elegance, refinement, and a timeless look.
  • Key Pieces: High-quality materials like linen or cotton, knee-length or midi dress with a simple cut, slingback heels, pearl earrings, chic watch, delicate pendant necklace, small handbag.
  • Ideal Summer Events: Garden parties, afternoon teas.

That Girl Aesthetic

  • Description: Productivity, self-care, and self-betterment. Trendy, basic apparel with an athleisure twist.
  • Key Pieces: Comfy fitness dress, white sneakers, belt bag, baseball hat, simple earrings, delicate chain necklace.
  • Ideal Summer Activities: Running errands, hitting the gym, grabbing daily matcha, hanging out with friends.

Grandparentcore Aesthetic

  • Description: Classic, cozy life with a nod to simpler times. Retro or vintage feel.
  • Key Pieces: Pleated midi skirts, loafers, crochet sweaters, flowy midi skirts, lightweight knit sweaters, comfy loafers.
  • Ideal Summer Occasions: Garden parties, flea markets.

Balletcore Aesthetic

  • Description: Delicate beauty of ballet with soft colors, feminine silhouettes, and lightweight fabrics.
  • Key Pieces: Satin slip skirts, halterneck tops, espadrilles, wedge heels, floral prints, delicate jewelry, strappy sandals.
  • Ideal Summer Events: Weddings, special events.

Academia Aesthetic

  • Description: Classic university style, preppy sophistication.
  • Key Pieces: Plaid skirts, sleeveless turtlenecks, sweater vests, loafers, stylish tote bags, high-quality watches.
  • Ideal Summer Occasions: Academic events, intellectual gatherings.

Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

  • Description: Breezy comfort and seaside charm.
  • Key Pieces: White jeans, blue and white striped button-down shirts, straw hats, straw bags, sunglasses, comfortable sandals.
  • Ideal Summer Activities: Beach walks, exploring local shops, picnics by the water.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

  • Description: Simplistic, wholesome beauty of life in a cottage in the countryside.
  • Key Pieces: Cotton floral dresses, straw bags, crochet headscarves, mary jane loafers.
  • Ideal Summer Moments: Strolling through fields of wildflowers, sitting on porch swings with a good book.

Fairycore Aesthetic

  • Description: Ethereal and whimsical, light, airy fabrics, playful patterns.
  • Key Pieces: Floral shirts, flowing maxi skirts, dainty jewelry, strappy sandals, floral headbands, hair clips.
  • Ideal Summer Moments: Picnics in the park, sipping iced tea in a garden.

Baroque Aesthetic

  • Description: Luxury and ornate design inspired by 17th-century European art and architecture.
  • Key Pieces: Jacquard dresses with bold patterns, metallic accents, pearls, heels, bold makeup, intricate hair accessories.
  • Ideal Summer Occasions: Special events, elegant gatherings.

French Girl Aesthetic

  • Description: Effortless, timeless, chic sophistication.
  • Key Pieces: Breton stripe shirts, high-waisted cropped jeans or shorts, white sneakers, sandals, espadrilles, loafers, straw bags or basket bags, dainty gold necklaces or hoop earrings, silk scarves, natural makeup, sunglasses.
  • Ideal Summer Moments: Strolling the streets of Paris, casual outings.

Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

  • Description: Western-inspired with coastal vibes.
  • Key Pieces: High-waisted denim shorts, white button-down shirts, statement belts, western boots, straw cowboy hats, aviator sunglasses.
  • Ideal Summer Activities: Riding horses along the shore, lounging on the beach.

These are just brief descriptions of the aesthetics and concepts mentioned in the article. If you would like more information or have specific questions about any of these aesthetics, feel free to ask!

This Is Your Ideal Summer Outfit Based on Your Aesthetic (2024)
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