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There are 12 Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5, and you'll have to work to find them... or use our guide! This guide includes locations and tips.

Each Secret Mission challenges you with certain tasks, ranging from "Defeat Every Enemy" to "Collect Every Red Orb" - and they're usually timed. Beating them rewards Red Orbs and a Blue Orb Fragment. But first, you have to unlock them.

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How to Find Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5

You'll find Devil May Cry 5's first Secret Mission automatically, as part of the tutorial, in Mission 2.

This is a decent example of what you'll need to look for, but the rest of them aren't usually quite this simple. Finding red markings on a wall is the easy part. Figuring out where to stand to activate the "gate" is a different story .

The red beam of light that signals you're in the right spot won't show up until you're looking at the symbol from the right angle. You may have to do something specific to be able to reach a certain area, or you may just need to stand somewhere unexpected and odd. Once you do it correctly, the Secret Mission will activate, and you will be able to challenge it.

Don't worry, you'll be able to try again from the Main Menu whenever you want.

Secret Mission 01

  • Objective: Defeat all Demons (Time Limit)
  • Location: Mission 02 - Qliphoth
  • Inside the Mansion
  • After the second Nidhogg Hatchling is placed
  • Reward - Blue Orb Fragment

This one is shown to you immediately, as part of the tutorial during Nero's Mission 02. You can't miss it!

Secret Mission 02


  • Objective: Don't let any Red Empusa escape!
  • During Mission 03 - Flying Hunter
  • Inside the the sewer
  • After removing blood clot roots from a door with a green exit sign

Inside the stairwell inside, jump down to the bottom, and go to the back left corner. Turn around and look up at the wall behind you. You should see the red markings begin to glow.

Secret Mission 03

  • Objective: Collect All of the Red Orbs
  • Location: Mission 04 - V
  • After crossing the collapsed bridge
  • Beyond the first Nidhogg Hatchling

After the bridge collapses, there's a Nidhogg Hatchling to the left of an entrance to a building. Make sure to pick it up. On the other side of the building, there will be a fight outside in the streets. Your exits will be blocked. During this fight, use V's Devil Trigger by pressing LB/L1. Remember you can charge this by holding RT/R2.

The Nightmare will break through a building's brick wall - the one with the huge painting on it - when it's summoned. After the fight, go inside, but stay on the ground floor and head behind the building to find a second Nidhogg Hatchling. (If you climb to the top, you'll find a Blue Orb Fragment, too.)

Now return to the main path of the mission, keeping your eye out to the left to find a Nidhogg Barrier. The first will reveal a Blue Orb Fragment. The second will open up an entrance to a building. Climb to the very top, where an opening has been broken. The red beam is here - look outside to see the pattern.


Secret Mission 04

  • Location: Mission 05 - The Devil Sword Sparda
  • Just inside the warehouse a ways
  • Objective: Kill All Demons Without Injury

You'll need to be able to summon Nightmare to access Secret Mission 04. In Mission 05, after dropping down into a warehouse and fighting a group of enemies, look out for some shipping containers to the left and climb them.

Go forward, until it looks like a dead end. Summon Nightmare here to break the scaffolding wall in front of you. In the next area, enemies will attack you, sealing off your exits. Defeat them.

Next, climb up a set of yellow spiral stairs up the scaffolding. The red beam signaling you're in the right spot will glow when you're at the top.

Secret Mission 04 Tips

To complete Secret Mission 04, you must defeat every enemy without taking any damage. Purchase the skill Promotion, which allows V to ride Nightmare, to easily avoid getting hit. Otherwise, this is still doable if you're cautious.

Secret Mission 05

  • Location: Mission 08 - Demon King
  • Continue until you reach the second "lava-fall"
  • Objective: Get to the goal without touching the ground.

This is a ways into Mission 08. After taking a few blood elevators, you'll eventually reach a second lava-fall, which spawns platforms that allow Nero to ride it upwards. Keep your eye out to the right for an overhang jutting out from the wall - there will be grass growing on it.


Jump there, then look up for a Grim Grip point. Use it, then Wire Bound to another Grip Grip point, to make it to an opening on the other side of the room.

Jump down through this hole and walk forward in the center of this circular area. The red beam will glow as you approach it. Turn around to look at the Secret Mission 05 insignia slightly up on a wall.

Secret Mission 05 Tips

You'll need to reach the other side without touching the ground. This should be doable with just Wire Snatch 2 for safety. But, having Air Hike, so you can double-jump, will give you a bit of extra safety.

Secret Mission 06

  • Location: Mission 09 - Genesis
  • Objective: Eliminate all of the demons in 20 seconds or less During Mission 09 - Genesis, you'll eventually find a path to a courtyard blocked by demonic roots. You'll see a Blue Orb Fragment beyond them. (If you've gone into the catacombs, you've gone too far.) Stand in front of the roots, then summon Nightmare. It should destroy the roots blocking your path immediately. Pick up the Blue Orb Fragment, but jump up to the stairs with ivy behind it - you should see the red beam appear in the center. Turn around and look at the entrance to activate the secret mission.

Secret Mission 07

  • Location: Mission 10 - Awaken
  • Objective: Aim for their weak point and take them down with a single bullet

There are many timed doors throughout Dante's first mission, and Secret Mission 07 is located beyond one of them. Eventually, you'll find yourself in a room with two timed doors - one on the left, and one on the right - but they'll be blocked until you defeat the enemies here, one of which is an Empusa Queen.

Defeat them quickly in order to access the doors, and use the one on the right to find the secret mission. Climb the ramps to the top to make top - you should see the red beam on a part of the floor that's raised.


Secret Mission 07 Tips

You'll be fighting Death Scissor here, and will need to take it out in one hit. To do this, lock on to the Death Scissor, and then parry its attacks, making sure not to actually hit its body. Your goal is to break its scissors, which we found easiest to do using Dante's Balrog. Once they break, wait for the Death Scissor's head to glow red - and then shoot it with your gun to take it out in one shot.

Secret Mission 08

  • Location: Mission 11 - Reason
  • Objective Maintain an S Stylish Rank

You'll find a huge building during Mission 11, where you'll need to break root blood clots. The first one is beneath an overhang of a broken checkerboard floor. After destroying it, a short cutscene will play, showing the center tower dropping.

Do not destroy the next blood clot. Instead, go back the way you came, jumping up to the second level of the building with the destroyed walls next to you. The red beam will appear on the left - and the red insignia will be able to be lined up right outside.

Secret Mission 08 Tips

See How to Get SSS Ranks in DMC5 for a full breakdown of how to do well in combat, or check out the video above!

Secret Mission 09

  • Location: Mission 12 - Yamato
  • Objective: Stay in the air for more than 15 seconds

You'll need Double Jump unlocked to easily reach this one. You'll eventually unlock a secret entrance as part of Mission 12 below a statue with a sword, which will eventually be surrounded by pools of blood. Enter the secret passageway below the sword. Continue down this path until you reach the first set of large stone steps. At the top of these stairs, turn around. You'll see a ledge across from you. Switch to Trickster mode, jump, press B/Circle to dash mid-air, then use Dante's Double Jump to reach the other side. This will activate red beam - then turn aroundagainto see the secret mission's red symbol.


Secret Mission 09 Tips

Look for skills that give Dante air while attacking, and remember you can jump cancel - you'll definitely want to pick up Enemy Step to do this. You can knock an enemy into the air, hit them twice, then jump to cancel the combo, using the enemy as a step to stay in the air.

Dante's Cavaliere combos in the air also keep him aloft for quite a while, too.

Secret Mission 10

  • Location: Mission 14 - Diverging Point: V
  • Objective: Get to the goal without touching the ground.

This is near the end of Mission 14. You'll reach a slope which, at the bottom, has a path blocked ahead by roots. Make a sharp left turn - you should see your path blocked by webbing, with a blood clot on the right. Destroy the blood clot (you'll need to anyway to progress the mission normally.) Then, head into the area that opened directly behind it. The red beam should appear. Stand on it, then look toward the way you came from to activate the secret mission.

Secret Mission 10 Tips

You can technically make it across here by jumping off the ledge, attacking to get some extra air distance, then using Griffon to glide. However, the easiest way to do this is by unlocking the Promotion ability. Summon Nightmare, jump on him, then ride Nightmare to victory. V technically never touches the ground this way!

Secret Mission 11

  • Location: Mission 15 - Diverging Point: Nero
  • Objective: Head straight for the goal!

Make sure you have multiple Gerbera Devil Breakers equipped and the Air Hike ability unlocked. This one is fairly difficult to reach. After encountering your first Divinity Statue (where you can purchase Skills and such) during Mission 15, look directly behind it for a small path.

A cutscene will play, showing you the way to a Blue Orb Fragment at the top of a series of cliffs and steep hills. Use Gerbera's air dash (press B/Circle in the air) to climb up. You may also find like surfing with Punch Line. You'll eventually land on a cliffside path (right below the Blue Orb Fragment.) Look at the ledge to the right, by some Red Orbs, to find a small point, where the red beam should activate if you approach. Look ahead at the wall to activate the secret mission.


Secret Mission 11 Tips

Here, Gerbera and Nero's double jump will also come in handy. Use them to quickly climb up toward the Blue Orb Fragment in 30 seconds.

Secret Mission 12

  • Location: Mission 16 - Diverging Point: Dante
  • Objective: Collect a set amount of Red Orbs.

You'll reach a point in this Mission where you must choose between dropping down, or jumping across. Drop down. You'll encounter two giant, spiky lizards that roll up into wheels and a Fury.

From here, be cautious on your way down. Jump below to the next two platforms immediately below you, then across the pit to a crumbling platform with a large Red Orb tree. Take the small path behind it.

From there, jump across to a small platform with white and green orbs on it. Look down to the right (with the wall behind you) to see another platform a short distance below you with red and white orbs.

There is a small alcove behind this platform - head inside and look back out toward the pit to activate the secret mission.

Secret Mission 12 Tips

This Secret Mission requires you to use Dante's Dr. Faust weapon - if you have any hope at all of earning 900 Red Orbs. Definitely upgrade Dr. Faust to level 3 or even level 4 if you can to increase the number of Red Orbs you'll earn by using it.

Use Gunslinger G Stance (left on the d-pad), lock-on to the enemy with RB/R1 and shoot with B/Circle to attack. This is an insane way to earn Red Orbs normally, so it should net you plenty for Secret Mission 12.

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