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The 90s has been noted as the best decade ever for fashion, and it’s easy to see why! There are so many fun 90’s party outfit ideas, you will be spoilt for choice!

Generally, the 90s were a decade of excess. This meant that keeping up with evolving trends in terms of clothing and accessories was a near impossible task, even for the most fashion-conscious. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Thanks to such a broad range of styles, there are so many options you can consult to create your perfect 90s party outfit.

In fact, you can do a lot with just one good pair of jeans and a simple graphic T-shirt!

And now, thanks to the internet, we can relive those memories through our favorite retro clothing items.

So whether you want to dress like Britney Spears, Madonna, or even channel your inner Will Smith with lots of vibrant colors, these 90’s party outfit ideas will get you started.

Get inspired by these outfits from the ‘90s and channel those retro vibes in style.

90’s Party Outfit Ideas You Will Love!

1. Animal Print Everything

Animal print was considered to be a huge fashion trend throughout the 90s.

Nowadays, animal print has once again regained its popularity and has slowly re-emerged as a wardrobe staple for many people. However, today’s trends look a whole lot different from 30 years ago.

If you want to opt for this type of design for your party, you should forget all about subtlety and neutral toned patterns.

In the 90s, animal print meant choosing a print and color scheme that was loud, bold, and big enough to capture the attention of others.

So when you are putting your outfit together, think Mel B from the Spice Girls. Opt for bright orange leopard print and mixed animal motifs, and even pair with some skintight snakeskin pants if you want!

2. Floral Print

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (1)

The floral print was another common clothing trend throughout the 90s. In fact, you could get floral print on everything ranging from headbands to shirts and dresses.

You could even find this pattern on a pair of jeans!

For a 90s party, opt for a floral slip dress or floral rompers for an effortless look.

Or, you could go all out and wear an oversized, obnoxiously patterned floral shirt paired with some jeans will always make for a great outfit. This is true regardless of the season.

Overall, floral print is a simple and refreshing approach to 90s style. It looks great when styled with low or high top converse, or combat boots.

3. Daring Double Denim

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (2)

One of my fave 90’s party outfit ideas is double denim! Everyone in the 90s became obsessed with denim at least once throughout the decade. It was a simple way of building an everyday outfit – but with a little bit of an edge.

So much so, that absolutely everything was made using denim; including shorts, skirts, hats, and jackets.

As movies and celebrity culture has taught us, rocking an all-denim outfit from the top of your head to your feet is the only surefire way to be the coolest kid at the party.

You can start off by pairing some denim jeans or a skirt with an oversized denim shirt together.

Add a black t-shirt underneath to add some contrast, and make your hair and makeup bold to match. Just be sure not to go too overboard. Or do, if you really want to!

4. The Jean Jacket

You could even frame an outfit around a jean jacket which, in the 90s, was typically cuffed and oversized for a more causal look. The jean jacket was a wardrobe staple and will make a great outfit for any 90s party.

Light colored and even acid washed, denim was a fortress of protection to most teens. Buttons and patches can also be added to help to customize the look.

So if you want to channel your inner 90s soul for your costume, a little bit of denim might be exactly what you need!

5. Styling the Flannel Shirt

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (3)

Channel your inner 90s fashionista with a 90s staple: the flannel shirt! Essentially, you can use the flannel shirt in just about any type of way to create an authentic 90s outfit.

Keep it tied around your waist or drape it over a plain t-shirt to layer up the fabrics of your outfit no matter the plaid pattern.

You can also pair a flannel shirt with just about anything; from your favorite little black dress to a pair of warm and comfortable black leggings.

Really, the comfier and more casual you can keep your outfit, the better it will look and feel!

6. Street Style: Overalls

Overalls became a must-have casual fashion trend for both men and women in the 1990s.

Mix a pair of classic blue overalls with a neon colored crop top and chunky sneakers (in whatever color you prefer) to recreate this iconic 90s style.

However, if you really want to rock the overalls look at a party, you need to do it with only a single shoulder strap.

This was the ‘edgy’ style adopted throughout the 90s. Pair with a pineapple ponytail and bright makeup for the most authentic-looking 90s outfit.

7. Hip Hop Throwback

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (4)

This is another classic 90s look and is great for parties where you’ll be showing off your vintage dance moves (or lack thereof).

The hip hop style consisted of baggy pants, a matching oversized windbreaker or jacket, and a clean pair of kicks.

While the guys would typically wear their brightly colored jacket zipped up, it was common for the ladies to leave it open and pair it with a crop top or tank top underneath.

Think No Doubt and Gwen Stefani if you need some serious style inspiration. You can emphasize the 90s appeal with some high top sneakers, a belly chain, and some statement gold chains.

8. Biker Shorts And A Sweater

If you want a more low-key outfit, then cycling shorts are the way forward! This item of clothing became a fashion statement, with celebrities such as Madonna and Princess Diana often seen rocking them.

Why not pair biker shorts up with a faded sweater and a pair of thick sneakers, like Princess Diana?

Not only will this stylish combination be instantly recognizable, but you’ll be comfortable, too! Feel free to pair this look with some sunglasses and a slick ponytail.

9. Slip Dresses

Comfortable and lightweight slip dresses are statement pieces that epitomize mid-90s fashion. These were the glory days of satin and were adorned by celebrities such as Courtney Love.

It doesn’t really matter what color slip dress you choose to wear, but it must be shiny and feature thin straps to capture the true essence of this branch of 90s fashion.

Put simply: you can go for a lingerie-inspired number, with lace trims and everything, or it can just be simple. It will also look great when layered with some jeans, too.

10. Crop Top And High-Slit Skirt Combo

But if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, then this is a very bold yet highly effective style choice.

Baring parts of your stomach was a big trend back in the ’90s, as was showing off little bit of thigh every once in a while.

A super cute ’90s look is a crop top with a long skirt with an equally long slit up the side. Both are best done in solid colors and also paired with minimal make-up and jewelry to keep the look simple but effective.

11. Style An Oversized Shirt

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (5)

In the 90s, it was considered very fashionable to use copious amounts of layered fabric to cover your body.

The process of centering an outfit around an oversized men’s shirt is entirely indicative of this fashion trend.

The key to making an impression at any party with this particular item of clothing is its pattern.

You should seek out a shirt that features a strong, bright color scheme and a ‘I-can’t-take-my-eyes-off-you’ type pattern to ensure that you stand out, and that your shirt is the center of attention.

If you’re feeling up to it, pair this look with a bold makeup look – with a focus on your eyes and lips – to truly stand out from the crowd.

12. Preppy Chic

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (6)

Love Cher’s style in Clueless? Feel free to replicate it for your 90s party!

This iconic look consists of a two-piece plaid suit. Stick to a yellow color like the character in the movie, or opt for a different, inspired color such as red or green that will grab the attention of everyone around you.

Underneath, you should wear a white t-shirt, a waistcoat that matches the color of the outer jacket, and a pair of over-the-knee white socks.

You should also add a large safety pin at the front of the skirt, as seen on Cher’s outfit, to play on the punk rock trend also commonly seen throughout the 90s. This will also keep the outfit looking very high fashion.

13. Grunge Aesthetic

Looking for easy 90s attire for a party? Enter the grunge aesthetic! While there isn’t one specific way to embody this fashion, it’s a pretty easy look to obtain.

All you need to do is pair a graphic band t-shirt (specifically a tour shirt) with a pair of distressed denim jeans or a tartan skirt, an oversized jacket, and some high top sneakers to really capture the 90s.

Feel free to support this look using heavy makeup, especially on your eyes and lips, and big, teased hair.

14. Go All Out Neon

The ’90s were all about combining neon colors and bold patterns to brighten up even the gloomiest day. Think Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Neon 90s fashion was all about layers so feel free to experiment with as many colors and styles as you can!

Start with a multicolored windbreaker, a graphic print t-shirt (any style or brand), a bright pair of neon sweatpants, some matching socks, and a pair of high sneakers.

You could even pair the shirt with a neon skirt, and have some bike shorts underneath to show some visible layers.

Whatever you decide to wear, as long as it’s bright and fun – you can’t really go wrong! We’d suggest trying out bigger hair and bright makeup for this look.

15. Add A Leather Jacket

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (7)

The leather jacket was a clothing must-have for everyone who grew up in the 90s. Short, long, multi-colored, or neutral toned – it’s important to note that leather jackets come in so many colors and sizes.

This means that you can completely customize your look while also staying true to the fashion of the time.

Channel your inner rock ‘n roll superstar by adding a vintage leather jacket over the top of a band t-shirt for a more grunge street-style look, or add on top of a co*cktail dress for a more effortless appearance.

If you opt for a longer Carrie Bradshaw-esque jacket, dress it down underneath by keeping the rest of your outfit as neutral as possible.

Opt for black, dark brown, or gray colors so that the jacket is the shining star. Feel free to do your hair and makeup in whatever way you please.

16. Dress Up Or Down With Flares

Flares come in and out of fashion every couple of decades, and were hugely popular in the 90s.

They are not only really comfortable but they also go perfectly with just about anything, too.

To maintain a 90s vibe and keep the look trendy, you can pair some flared jeans with a simple black tank top. Match with some high top sneakers or square toe heels.

You could even accessorize the outfit by adding a choker necklace, rectangular sunglasses, and a mini bag.

Or, if you want to go all out, think like Prince and opt for a bolder look. You can achieve this by adding some velour flares. Keep your hair and makeup bright and bold to match.

17. 90s Skate Fashion

Rollerblades were a sensation in the 1990s. They were fun to use, great to look at, and were also a great way to encourage people to leave their home and participate in some exercise.

They also combined perfectly with a Sony Walkman from the same era.

We’d suggest keeping your outfit as casual as possible, but still with the quintessential 90s vibes.

That being said, it doesn’t matter whether you’d prefer to wear some baggy trousers or a pair of high waisted shorts.

All that matters is that you have created a coherent outfit that pairs well with your skates!

Even if you only wear the skates for the first few minutes of the party, you’ll make a big statement!

18. Be Colorful

90s fashion is all about being bold and colorful, even if you opt for the most casual outfit.

The whole decade is synonymous with classic tailoring and laid back styling. So if you have found that none of the above options seem to fit the bill, we’ve got one last idea for you!

For a decade-themed party, you can simply opt for a turtleneck, baggy jeans, and oversized windbreaker combination.

Not only is this a quintessentially 90s outfit but it will also keep you feeling comfortable all night long. What’s not to love?

19. ABlazer

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (8)

Grab an oversize blazer, roll up the sleeves, add a belt and wear with a tee underneath for the perfect laidback 90s vibe.

20. ACardigan

Cardigans were all the rage in the 90’s.Team it with a flowery dress and some DM boots for that classic nineties look.

21. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants were a wardrobe staple in the 1990’s! Dress them up with a boob tube in a bright color.

21. Grunge Goddess

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (9)

Another one of my favorite 90’s party outfit ideas is the grunge goddess. Think chokers, fishnet tights, DM boots and 90s band tees like Pearl Jam or Nirvana. Go heavy on the eye makeup and let your inner grunge goddess shine.

21. Plaid Skirt

Wear a red plaid skirt with a white shirt tied in a knot. Add knee high socks and pigtails for a cute 90’s look.

22. Spice Girls

90's Party Outfit Ideas (22 fabulous 90s costume ideas) - Darling Celebrations - Darling celebrations (10)

Get your friends together and each go as a Spice girl. Go for crazy platform shoes, mini skirts and follow the true icons of the 90s era.

90’s Party Out Fit IdeasAccessories

Aside from clothing, the 90s were all about adding statement jewelry and accessories to embellish your outfit.

Without any of these, your 90s party outfit just won’t feel complete! Feel free to add any of the following:

  • Scrunchies
  • Sparkly butterfly clips
  • Barrettes
  • A bandana
  • A baseball cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Charm bracelets
  • Choker
  • Fanny pack

90’s Party Outfit Ideas Conclusion

And that concludes our list of 18 awesome 90’s party outfit ideas. We hope you’ve been able to figure out your outfit, or have at least taken some inspiration from our suggestions.

Feel free to mix and match any of the clothing we’ve listed above. As long as your outfit looks coherent, you should be good!

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